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The best places to sit down in summer – Hungary’s amazing fountains

The best places to sit down in summer – Hungary’s amazing fountains

The best places to sit down in summer - Hungary’s amazing fountains | Expat Press Hungary Magazine 1

As a country famed for its waters, it comes as no surprise to find that Hungary has some amazing fountains. There are so many places around the country where one can relax and enjoy a glimmering and mesmerising watery spectacular, often set to music. Sitting by Hungary’s amazing fountains you can enjoy glittering columns, elegant interpretation in water and while listening to unforgettable music. It’s really worth visiting Hungary’s most beautiful fountains.

The chiming wonder of Szeged

Hungary’s amazing fountains, Szeged

One of the most beautiful sights in Szeged entertains spectators on the Dugonics Square of this university city. The second largest well of Hungary was built for the anniversary of the Great Flood in 1979. Its 12-meter high gushers and a musical repertoire of 100 pieces make it an unforgettable experience.

The wonder well of Miskolc on Heroes’ Square

Hungary’s amazing fountains, Miskolc

Several water spectacles can be admired on the square. The wailing wall and the loud-water fountain permanently have water running, while the musical fountains perform their show every hour. The square is bordered by 19th century buildings, the Baroque Minorite Church and the Ferenc Földes High School from the north, the Postal Palace from the east and the Synagogue from the south.

Water wonderworld in Gyula

Hungary’s amazing fountains, Gyula

In the middle of the roundabout on Kossuth Square stands the unique fountain of Gyula, an awe-inspiring sight in its simplicity. Its gushers form extraordinary, intertwining and unique patterns. On the square, event venues and fine artworks also have their place. With its 700 m2 of water surface and 12,000 plants Kossuth Square is a unique spectacle.

 The glittering water-pillars of Sopron

Hungary’s amazing fountains, Sopron

The glimmering and mesmerising water parade on Petőfi Square was created in 2011.  It is definitely worth taking a rest on the romantic square, in the shade of evergreens, with the amazing sight of the Petőfi Theatre.

 The elegant sights of Debrecen

Hungary’s amazing fountains, Debrecen

The two-tier fountain on Kossuth Square was designed by László Kertai and Antal Pázmány.  The main motives of the fountain are the Hungarian conquest and the phoenix being born out of flames. One of the largest musical fountains in the country, it was opened in 2001 together with the modernised municipal park.

The priceless musical fountain of Margitsziget

Hungary’s amazing fountains, Margitsziget

The fountain built 54 years ago is not only a compelling sight with its 35-metre diameter and 10-metre tall gushers, it also entertains spectators with a wonderful musical repertoire as well.  At night the fountain is lit by 250 LED lamps, which is a pure delight for the eyes.

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