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And Now for Something a Little Bit Different…

And Now for Something a Little Bit Different…

And Now for Something a Little Bit Different… | Expat Press Hungary Magazine

Tired of going to the same old places every weekend? Getting bored with sitting in a bar or walking aimlessly through the shopping centers? Then maybe, just maybe, it’s time for some….ADVENTURE!

And, amazingly, Hungary can meet your need to get out and pit yourself against those physical challenges that keep your senses on High and your muscles on Tense. Yes, you can find what you need in Hungary’s Adventure Parks, those special places that help you out of those weekend ruts. Don’t know where they are? That’s what we’re here for; just read on.

Adventure Parks in Hungary #1: Serpa Adventure Park

Located north of Lake Balaton, this 13-year-old park offers skill games, activities for kids, ziplines, water sports, trampolines, wall climbing, cableway, go karts, jet skis – even an FBI academy! Everything is here for the dedicated games and skills enthusiast. Their trails and obstacle courses are harder than average, to help further the improvement of one’s physical condition. Facilities are available for business groups and team-building, stag and hen parties, but there’s also fun for the entire family. Accommodations are extensive for groups of up to 35 people, and include large and small apartments, wooden cottages, tents and bungalows.  The park’s motto is: “leave more skillful than you arrived”.

Adventure Parks in Hungary, Serpa Adventure Park

Adventure Parks in Hungary #2: Zemplén Kalandpark

This park’s website is offered only in Hungarian. It is located in Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary’s northernmost region center and offers clean air and natural surroundings. The nearby above towering volcanic mountains afford an idyllic location and offer spectacular views.

Zemplén Adventure Park now has nine completely new attractions and a number of new buildings. The investment in this project is primarily due to EU funding and partly from  Sátoraljaújhely Municipality’s own sources. As do many of the other adventure parks, this one offers a world-class toboggan run, along with an Alpine coaster, skating rink, adventure park track, chairlift and climbing center. Group accommodations are available for adults and children.

Adventure Parks in Hungary #3: Canopy Visegrád

This adventure park offers unique experiences for those looking for something different. Canopy offers the participants the ability to soar from tree to tree through the forest, traversing along cables through a challenging course. Naturally, there are team-building functions, but the park also offers outdoor and indoor adventure training, riding, family activities and women’s programs. The Canopy is the first of its kind in Hungary and offers an adventure you’ll never  forget!

Are you brave enough? 🙂

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