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Budapest districts

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Budapest districts
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VI. district

Budapest District VI., Hősök tere

District VI, or Terézváros, is great for expats and locals who enjoy cultural events and entertainment. The Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Opera House and many theaters are located here.
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VII. district

Budapest District VII., Synagogue

Historically it was the center of Budapest’s Jewish population and today there are still a number of beautiful synagogues in the area; the most notable of these is the central synagogue on Dohány Utca, which is the largest in Europe and the second largest Jewish temple in the world.
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VIII. district

Budapest District VIII., Szabó Ervin Library

Locals, particularly, have sought out something different – a more relaxed neighborhood, and places with more charm and character and more affordable prices.
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IX. district

Budapest District IX.,

One of the most diverse districts of Budapest is District IX, which includes the National Theatre. Its atmosphere is much like Józsfeváros’, though Ferencváros is a more rapidly-developing part of the capital.
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X. district

Budapest District X., Reservoir in Kőbánya

District X contains Budapest’s biggest public park, Népliget, which is ideal for a walk on a sunny summer day. The Planetárium and the Laser Theater in the park also offer unique experiences for visitors of all ages.
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V. district

Budapest District V., Fountain of Nereids

This district is home to the crown jewels of Hungarian architecture, the beautiful neo-gothic Hungarian Parliament building and Saint Stephen’s Basilica, along with many government ministries and five-star hotels.
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XIII. district

Expat Press Budapest XIII District

The 13th district runs along the Danube and boasts Margaret Bridge and St. István park as major landmarks, but it’s also where many young families live.
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XIV. district

Zugló is Budapest’s second greenest district. It has recently been undergoing a massive residential development, as it has become a very popular target for locals and expats planning to buy an apartment.
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IV. district

Újpest is one of Budapest’s youngest districts, which began to develop in the second half of the 19th century.
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XV. district

Rákospalota, Újpalota, Pestújhely, 15th District the 15th district of Budapest, Hungary.

XVI. district

The College of International Management and Business Faculty of the Budapest Business School is located in the district.
Cinkota is also the home of the secondary school, Szerb Antal Gimnázium.

XVII. district

Rákosmente is the 17th district of Budapest, being the easternmost district and being the district with the largest area.
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XVIII. district

Pestszentlőrinc‑Pestszentimre is the 18th district of Budapest is situated at the south-eastern part of the city. It is made up of two earlier distinct towns: Pestszentlőrinc and Pestszentimre.
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XXIII. district

Soroksár is the 23rd and youngest district of Budapest.
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XX. district

Pesterzsébet is the 20th district of Budapest. It is located in the southern part of the capital and is the 17th biggest district in the city. It is a mostly suburban area with approximately 70,000 residents.
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XIX. district

Kispest with 59,000 inhabitants, is a dynamically developing center of the southern region of Budapest. Major transportation hubs, shopping centers, offices and peaceful suburban neighborhoods are located here.

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XXI. district

District XXI lies on Csepel sziget (Csepel Island). Csepel was the center of local heavy industry in Communist days and it still retains a general working class atmosphere.
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I. district

Expat Press Budapest Guide

This district is located in the hills of Buda, overlooking the Danube and the flat plains of Pest and is usually referred to as the castle district. It is one of the most popular tourist areas and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.
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II. district

The hilly area of Budapest’s District II is famous for the Petneházy Riding School and golf course. The area is mostly suburban and has huge expanses of green spaces, bigger family houses and gardens.
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III. district

District III lies in the northern part of Budapest and is the oldest and second largest district. The Roman colony of Aquincum was located here, in the early years of the first millenium.

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XI. district

Budapest District XI. Reading Room of Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Wealthy citizens of the area lived in the Újbuda (New Buda) district before they moved up to the Buda Hills. District XI embraces Gellért Hill; climb up the hill and you can enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Budapest.

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XII. district

Budapest District XII., Normafa

At the beginning of the 20th century the area became one of the most elegant and popular places for new buildings. The district has breath-taking views across Budapest and is very popular with families.

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XXII. district

This area is popular with musicians and artists and also, is a home of Hungary's major wine producers.

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