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Thinking about moving to Budapest or to elsewhere in Hungary with your family? Join us for detailed information and tips that you need to know.

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Ari Kupsus Salon Concerts: One of Budapest’s Hidden Gems

For the discerning music lover, Budapest’s salon concerts offer a unique venue in which to appreciate classical music: the Ari S. Kupsus Salon Concert Society. Budapest is...

Macaron Day 2018 in Budapest – an avant-garde and flavoursome event

Join us on Tuesday March 20th, 2018 from 3pm-8pm for the 7th annual Macaron Day Hungary The annual Macaron Day in Budapest is inspired by...

No Ordinary ‪‎Budapest-Where Walls Can See

In the Living Gallery Budapest, the “No ordinary Budapest‪‎” project, created by Marysia Ananiewska, recently opened with an event combining visual art, music and...