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The 10 Best Picnic Places in Budapest

The 10 Best Picnic Places in Budapest

  • There’s still time to dust off the old picnic basket and spread your blankets under the perfect tree in the perfect picnic spot.
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The sun is still shining brightly on Budapest. Even though the days are now getting shorter once again, there’s still time to dust off the old picnic basket and spread your blankets under the perfect tree in the perfect picnic spot. And here they are!


Normafa is one of the best and most beautiful places in Budapest, with a breath-taking view of our splendid capital city. This huge green zone is an ideal “urban vacation” spot for the entire family, the ultimate getaway place in Budapest if you don’t want to leave the city but still wish to get away from the noise. It boasts spacious playgrounds for the kids and great picnic spots.

In addition, the “children’s train”, the chair-lift and the Elisabeth look-out tower are very close. You can spend your whole day relaxing at Normafa’s picnic venue.

City Park (Városliget)

Városliget is amazing all year round, but it’s even more spectacular in the summer, when there are deck-chairs put out on the green areas. In addition to a huge picnic area, you can also fly a kite from King Hill, feed the ducks at the lake or just go for a walk in the shade of the old trees.

Almost any place in the park offers incredible views for a romantic picnic for two or a family picnic for many.


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Kopaszi dam

Kopaszi dam was completed a few years ago and offers yet another great picnic venue. The park is beautifully laid out, like the best of European parks. Besides picnicking there are plenty of sporting opportunities and cafés.

A favorite place for children is the indoor play centre.


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Orczy Garden

Orczy Garden is Budapest’s biggest English garden and easily accommodates visitors in the middle of the city. After your lovely picnic you can go for a walk, check out the fascinating lake or visit the Natural History Museum.

There’s also an adventure park with different tracks for adults and children. The park lies between Gellért Hill, Sun Mountain and Castle Mountain in a beautiful environment.


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Margaret Island

Margitsziget is arguably the Queen of all picnic areas in Budapest. To work up an appetite, you might jog the 5.8 km-long rubberized track around the island.

Check out the famous music fountain on the way to your picnic area, keep in mind that during the summer months there is live music and, apart from a couple of hotels and sport facilities, there are no buildings on the island.


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Millenáris park

Millenáris is a great indoor and outdoor location next to the Mammut shopping mall and, in addition to picnics, has lots of things to keep all members of the family busy. The park boasts two playgrounds, ponds with goldfish and ducks and plenty of space to have a nice picnic with your family.

On one hand, as the name suggests, it serves as a park; on the other hand, it serves as a scene for exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical performances.


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Gellért Hill

Gellérthegy is a perfect spot for the more adventurous picnickers. Lots of trees and hidden glens with fantastic views of Budapest are everywhere on Gellert Hill. Get ready for your picnic by climbing any of the many paths that honeycomb the Hill; it’s a definite Must-Do for tourists and locals alike.

On the way up the Hill are cool slides for kids in addition to the many romantic places for a picnic. Gellert Hill offers quality family time, walking around, jogging, photoshooting and romantic picnic areas.

Olimpia Park

Olimpia Park has a huge running area with a beautifully-installed castle, lots of climbing options, sandboxes, water fountains, and plenty of grass on which to spread your blanket and have a picnic. It’s especially recommended on a hot sunny day.

There are locals who consider this park the best in the city for a picnic.

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Károlyi-kert is a lovely small fairytale park hidden near the Hungarian National Museum. It’s a beautiful venue, perfect for picnics and for just lazing beneath the park’s big shady trees.

There is also a playground, benches, and lots of beautiful flowers. Bring a snack, perch on a bench and smile while children’s voices serenade you.


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Szabadság tér

Szabadság tér is a sophisticated version of Erzsébet Square, without the hipsters, the skateboarders and people begging for money; if you prefer a classier picnic spot, then this is your place. It’s one of the most stately squares downtown, easily accessible, a huge, well-kept park and a popular place to hang out.

There are playgrounds, an interactive fountain and the Embassy of the United States. It’s a great atmosphere, with a café in the middle.


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Feneketlen-tó offers the picnic-seeker a nice-size lake in addition to grassy areas that overlook the water. The air is fresh and the traffic noises are not very audible.

Moreover, there are lot of benches and a big playground, plus lots of open areas for various activities. Come enjoy the blooming trees, fat ducks and the myriad of funny dogs that walk their owners around the lake.


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