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Top 10 things to do in Budapest

Top 10 things to do in Budapest

Top 10 things to do in Budapest | Expat Press Hungary Magazine

Top 10 secret ideas about what to do in Budapest – how to be an insider. Check out our expat explorer’s best tips to visit Budapest and feel like a local.

Regardless of whether you live here in Budapest, you would like to visit this welcoming city, or you have just read too many tourist guides, the Hungarian capital still has new surprises in store for you. Here is our top 10 list of the things you shouldn’t miss.

Things to do in Budapest  #1: Where breakfast is served until 7 pm 

You can start your day in Budapest at a place called ZOSKA in a small street in District 5, choosing from a variety of delicacies ranging from Hungarians’ favourite French toast (strictly with sour cream!) and crunchy frankfurters to an American breakfast.

You can read more about where to find the best breakfasts in Budapest

Things to do in Budapest #1: Where breakfast is served until 7 pm

Things to do in Budapest  #2: A walk with philosophers

After a big breakfast you can not only enjoy a beautiful panorama from Gellért Hill in Buda but also ruminate together with Laozi, Buddha or even Echnaton in the Garden of Philosophy.

You can find the exact location HERE

Things to do in Budapest #2: A walk with philosophers

Things to do in Budapest  #3: A Real Hidden Treasure Among Budapest’s Bathhouses

In addition to the well-known bathhouses in Budapest, it is worth visiting the lesser-known yet beautifully renovated Turkish bathhouse Veli Bej Spa, built in the 16th century, which offers excellent services despite being one of the oldest baths in Budapest. CONTACT DETAILS

Things to do in Budapest  #4: Culture beyond big museums

If you have already visited the Museum of Applied Arts, the Hungarian National Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts and even the Museum of Ethnography, yet you want to stay downtown, we can recommend two places at once. The Capa Center and the Mai Manó House in Nagymező utca are worth a visit for those in love with photography. Temporary and permanent international, Hungarian, contemporary and historical exhibitions from the pick of the bunch, all close to one other.

Things to do in Budapest #4

Things to do in Budapest  #5: Gingerbread and serial killers

Werewolves, gingerbread houses, Hitchcockian horror and many other adventurous escape rooms and interactive games await you in Budapest. If you feel like dancing with (were)wolves, look for Dine&Crime, if you are interested in lighter genres, you can escape from the Sweet Escape gingerbread room, or from the scary locations of the Paniq Room if you want a more complex and fearsome experience.

Things to do in Budapest  #6: Modern Hungarian cuisine, market experience

At the Downtown Market (“Belvárosi Piac”) you can find master chefs like Lajos Bíró, chef of Bock Bisztró that has been highly rated with a score of 14 in the Gault & Millau guide, or Szása Nyíri, who heads up Arany Kaviár also with 14 points. On the first floor you can enjoy first class meat in breadcrumbs in Buja Disznók, or a filling borscht in a place called Moszkva Tér. In addition, premium ingredients await market lovers in the covered market area.

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Things to do in Budapest  #7: Oldest café

People naturally like to find the best, oldest, newest, most beautiful, etc. places in the city they live in or travel to. One of the most famous (and most beautiful) cafés in Budapest is the New York Café, yet the oldest one is Ruszwurm that has been operating in a picturesque environment since 1827.

Things to do in Budapest #7: Oldest café

Things to do in Budapest  #8: Dinner at the bus stop

Don’t be fooled by the end of the bus line on Pasaréti Tér not far away from János Hegy, since the bus stop built in 1937 is an excellent bistro – this is Pasarét Bistro. Hungarian-French bistro meals, seasonal offers and a cosy environment await hungry visitors.

Things to do in Budapest #8: Dinner at the bus stop

Things to do in Budapest  #9: Ruin pub

You can read about Szimpla Kert, Instant and other ruin pubs in Budapest on several international news portals (CNN, BBC, etc.), including a top list compiled by The Times.  Yet if you want to go to somewhat more insider places, Lost in Budapest in Dessewffy utca or Élesztő in District 9 (with a farmer’s market every Sunday) may be a good choice.

Things to do in Budapest  #10: Romance in the extreme

There is no doubt that Budapest with its extraordinary architecture, the Danube that divides the city and its beautiful downtown is one of the most romantic capitals, even according to the list drawn up by The Independent in 2016. When we asked our insider expat friends who have been living in Budapest for more than 10 years, they recommended the following programme for those who want to delight their loved ones: Taking the chairlift up to Normafa, and then walking up to Elizabeth Lookout, which should be followed by a relaxing spa experience in the wellness area at Boscolo Hotel, then dinner in the private dining room of St. Andrea Wine & Gourmet Bar. And if you really want to sweep the love of your life off their feet, a panoramic flight over Budapest at night is indeed romance in the extreme.

Things to do in Budapest #10: Romance in the extreme

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