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Fairy Tale Cake Festival in Budapest

Fairy Tale Cake Festival in Budapest

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Do you like cakes? Are you a fan of fairy tales? Then the November Cake Festival in Budapest is totally for you. Starring cupcakes, tarts and layer cakes galore, and with a single theme: fairy tales.

On 12th and 13th November, Budapest’s famous Millenáris will be transformed into a real life fairy tale for fans of confectionary. The third SütniCake Pastry and Cake Festival (Exhibition and Fair) presents the products and creative works of Hungary’s best confectioners and pastry chefs. Expect to see, smell and taste everything from small chocolate delights and macarons to the most impressive of carefully designed layer cakes. The theme for the festival changes every year. The first time it was Alice in Wonderland, then The Circus, and this time the theme of the third SütniCake will be Fairy Tales. The cake design competition also requires participants to follow this theme.

The Cake Festival in Budapest – third time even more delicious The Cake Festival in Budapest – third time even more delicious

The Cake Festival in Budapest – third time even more delicious

Over the past two years more than 80 exhibitors took part in this high-calorie festival and more than 14,000 visitors came to see the intricate and delicious masterpieces on display.

In addition to the chance to taste cakes, many other fun activities are on offer. Visitors can learn how to create intricate caramel decorations, watch macaron and chocolate shows, and younger participants can learn to make figurines out of marzipan.

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