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10 Things to Do Before You Retire to Hungary

10 Things to Do Before You Retire to Hungary

  • So, your working life is behind you and you are ready to retire to Hungary. Here are a few tips to consider before you leave.
10 Things to Do Before You Retire to Hungary | Expat Press Hungary Magazine

So, your working life is behind you and you are ready to retire to Hungary. Here are a few tips to consider before you leave.

Where did all the years go? University, career, marriage, family, kids, grandkids and now, suddenly (!?), it’s time to retire. Your pensions and savings may not go as far as you thought they would at home, so you did some research and you decided to retire to Hungary. Now what?

Retire to Hungary #1: 

The three most important things to keep in mind when planning your retirement are: Preparation! Preparation! Preparation! The more and better you prepare for your departure and arrival, the easier things will go.

Retire to Hungary #2:

Once your decision has been made to retire to Hungary, it would be a good idea to visit Hungary to look for accommodation so you don’t arrive without a place to stay. Check out the Inter Relocation website on the Internet for professional, knowledgeable relocation assistance.  You really can’t do better than Inter Relocation for your move. Interrelo has been helping people move to and retire to Hungary for 15 years and is an acknowledged expert in their field. When you visit Hungary to search for just the right living quarters, Inter Relocation will be on hand to help. Contact them today – right now!

Retire to Hungary #3:

Apply for passports for you and your family. Also, residence permits are a must and can be quickly and easily handled by Interrelo. Of course, you have to fill out the forms yourself.

Retire to Hungary #4:

Start learning some survival Hungarian which you’ll need upon arrival, although many Hungarians do speak English. There are several Internet language sites that offer easy-to-use basic courses in Hungarian, along with pronunciation examples. No need at this point to take a full-fledged language course (although you can if you want to); it’s OK to learn enough to get by for a while. After arrival and settling in you can take a local course taught by Hungarians – much better and a lot less expensive.

Retire to Hungary #5:

Decide whether to have your pensions deposited to your home country bank account or to have them sent to a Hungarian bank. Interrelo can help you open a Hungarian bank account upon your arrival. Hungary has a country-wide ATM network for easy access to your funds and credit and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

Retire to Hungary #6:

If you plan to relocate to Budapest, sell your car, you won’t need it here. Budapest’s public transportation is world-famous and easy to use; signs are in Hungarian and English (which will also help you learn more Hungarian). If you need a car for a weekend drive, you can always rent one, at a very reasonable price.

Retire to Hungary #7:

Buy your one-way airline ticket to Hungary. Think positively!

Retire to Hungary #8:

If you plan to ship your household goods, Inter Relocation can also help you. Pack everything you want to bring, get rid of lots of accumulated stuff you won’t need any longer; have a garage sale. Pack clothes and personal items to bring with you until your household goods and other clothes arrive in a month or so. Pack for the weather: Hungarian summers can be quite hot (90 degrees F) and winters can get cold (20 degrees F)

Retire to Hungary #9:

Cancel your landline telephone, turn off the water, electricity and gas, lock your front door, wave goodbye to your neighbors as they run after your taxi yelling “Wait, wait! Where is Hungary?” (NB: For US families only J)

Retire to Hungary #10:

Get on the plane, buckle your seat belt, settle in and have a nice vodka and tonic as you wing your way to your new life.

Bon Voyage!

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