The Sweet Side of Budapest: ’New Wave Cake Tour’

’New Wave Cake Tour’ in Budapest

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Six distinctly modern cake shops in Budapest have come up with a very tasty cooperation called the Budapest Cake Tour. The essence of this great idea is to send the customers of all six confectioners to each other. The tour is based on a pass that includes the participating cake shops. It really is worth tasting the sweet side of Budapest.

This great idea belongs to Bea Borogdai, the owner of Dynamo Cake Shop and Rent-a-Bike. She has a good relationship with the other establishments and noticed that these places all know each other well and tend to recommend each other too. The basic concept of this tour is simple: you just go to one of the participating cake shops and as you order, ask for a Budapest Cake Tour pass. Every time you eat a cake at one of these places, you get a stamp. One you have all six stamps you can go back to your favourite place to earn a free cake. The rules of the tour are not so strict, a pass is valid throughout 2016. The Budapest Cake Tour starts on Friday. What a tempting idea!


Participating cake shops:

Chez Dodo – Dóri Szalai’s macaron manufacture

Dynamo bake&bike – Bea Borogdai’s unique breakfast place for cyclists, (bike renting and cakes at the same place)

Édesem – Szonja Márk’s home style cake shop

Édes Sári – Sára Naszádi’s a tiny but exciting cake shop

ÉdességLabor – The happy workplace of three young ladies, a new favourite

Zazzi – French style pastry shop, at the forefront of Budapest confectionery for the last 10 years


Photo source: Chez Dodo, Dynamo bake&bike, Édesem, Édes Sári, ÉdességLabor, Zazzi Facebook pages