Films of Budapest from 1948, 1958, and 1968

Films of Budapest from 1948, 1958, and 1968

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As the MGM film from 1938, Beautiful Budapest, we shared became such a huge success with you, here is a collection of videos of Budapest we’ve found from 1948, 1958, and 1968. The second part of this series from 1978, 1988, 1998 and 2008 is coming soon!

Converted from 8mm film by YouTube user, ‘ambanmba’, this show’s their grandfather’s home movie clip showing ordinary life in and around Budapest in 1948.The video is particularly interesting because it contains a momentary sighting of the destroyed Széchenyi Chain Bridge, as seen from a car traversing a temporary bridge across the Danube and also shows the rubble that still existed several years after the war ended.

Great Hungarian film director, Viktor Gertler film’s opening scenes entitled “Up the slope” from 1958.

Around Budapest in 1968 on a foggy morning with Hungarian commentary.

Feature image credit: Justin Delaney