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The Enchanting World of a Hungarian Artist

The Enchanting World of a Hungarian Artist

The Enchanting World of a Hungarian Artist

This is a young lady who has already travelled through time, has been to an Elvis Presley concert and took a photo with the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Then she replaced the sky with coffee swirls to create a caffeine addict’s dream world. Now, the Hungarian photographer-retoucher, Flóra Borsi creates striking self-portraits with animal eyes that look like mythological creatures.

Her surrealistic images inspired even the biggest names in photographic editing: her artwork was the face of Adobe Photoshop in 2014. Needless to say she has won multiple art prizes and garnered critical acclaim from the international press, including The Observer and BBC Culture. Oh yes, and she has also exhibited her work in The Louvre.

Flóra’s art uniquely merges surrealism with comedic and grotesque features, along with everyday moments. The “time travel selfies” are quite funny, but can also send a shiver down the spine of the viewer.


Her latest project called “Animeyed” is about replacing her own eyes with than of an animal, creating an enchanting, mythical result.


Coffee Universe – a dream world for caffeine addict or a frightening vision?

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