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Essence – Hungarian painter Viktória Hatvany’s art exhibition

Essence – Hungarian painter Viktória Hatvany’s art exhibition

Havtany exhibiton series - the artist, Viktoria Hatvany

Having charmed New York, it looks set to do the same in Eastern Hungary.

A selection of the contemporary painter Viktória Hatvany’s work begins touring this year. After Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Paris, her works will now also be available for viewing in Eastern Hungary. The Hungarian media has recently been full of the debut of the Carousell De Louvre exhibition in Paris, but finally its “positive messages” will be presented to Hungarian audiences outside Budapest, in several locations across the Eastern Hungary region. This achieves one of the artist’s objectives – to make authentic, contemporary, Hungarian art accessible to smaller towns and villages far from Budapest.

The tour will start with an opening show at the European-standard Szatmári Museum in Mátészalka. According to the museum’s director, Dr László Cservenyák, the riot of colours in Hatvany’s pictures are worth viewing in person, and these huge works can be rightly regarded as jewels with which to adorn the walls of the country’s museums. Whoever visits this exhibition will encounter art with real values and something to say. Viewers will gain an insight into a world composed of pulsating colours and a life-affirming positivity which is so rare nowadays. A surreal world reveals itself and portrays the artist’s surroundings and her experiences. Her unique and colourful creativity acts as a filter to map the realities of her imagination. These artworks are distinctive both aesthetically and technically and uplifting for soul and eyes. In the words of Péter Müller here: “THE HORSE IS COMING” An actual horse, not an imitation, but profound, sensitive, real, wild, shining. Precious.

Viktória Hatvany Hungarian artist's exhibition's admirers
The exhibition visitors admiring the paintings in Mátészalka

In the meantime, she is set to debut her picture “Renaissance – Rebirth” during New York’s Armory Art Weeks. Armory Art Weeks in New York is one of the most important international art events and fairs. Every March, artists, collectors, gallery owners and numerous celebrities meet up during the course of this event. Many creatives have become famous since showing their work here on previous occasions. Her large-scale oil painting is to be displayed in an art video, made by the very talented video artist Maxi Gretsiler, on a huge LED wall.

Viktória Hatvany, Hungarian painter speaking about her work
The artist telling about her work

Following the closure of the exhibition in Mátészalka on 26 March, the pictures will be taken to Nagykároly, Romania to the exclusive Károlyi Castle, one of the most significant locations on the cultural circuit in the region. Visitors will then have the opportunity to meet up with the artist in person on Tuesday, 27 March at a grand opening ceremony from 4pm (Romanian time). The whole exhibition can be viewed until 13 April in the castle’s most beautiful stateroom, located on the ground floor.

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Hungarian artist Viktória Hatvany's exhibition in Mátészalka
Visitors at the exhibition

In April, the pictures will be in Hungary again, in Fehérgyarmat. The artist has been invited by the City of Debrecen to exhibit at a very interesting, themed exhibition in the Kölcsey Centre at the beginning of July, in parallel with its 52nd “Equestrian Days” event. This represents a really exciting opportunity to present her paintings from a new perspective and to provide a unique experience for every visitor. Further information about the artist and her future exhibitions (in Hungarian and in English) can be found on her website at

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