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A new 1,000 Forint Banknote for Hungary

A new 1,000 Forint Banknote for Hungary

Hungarian Currency

The iconic 1,000 Forint banknote has recently undergone a re-design. The new banknotes entered into circulation on 1st March so expect to start seeing them in the coming days.

The new notes still bear the image of King Matthias Corvinus, so should remain easily recognizable. The changes to the design are not significant, but new safety features have been added to modernize the note and further increase security.

How long can you continue to use the old banknotes?

You can use them until 31st October 2018, after which MNB (Hungarian National Bank) will withdraw them and only new notes will be accepted.

What can I do if I still have old notes after 31st October?

Worry not, the old notes will not lose their value. After the date of withdrawal you can still exchange the old 1,000 Forint note in any bank branch or post office for a further three years, and in MNB offices for twenty years! Any such exchange will be handled without charge.

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