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Volunteering and Tree Planting Event in Hungary for Children

Volunteering and Tree Planting Event in Hungary for Children

Expat Press-Volunteering and Tree Planting Event in Hungary for Children


Enjoy a great day out volunteering with us to plant a fruit garden for the village nursery of Szilaspogony. Saurday 6th of April. The volunteering team leaves from Budapest to the village by a special bus sponsored by the Irish-Hungarian Business Circle. This is a great chance to learn more about tree planting and gardening, so even beginners are welcome. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce raffle at the Lobster Dinner Night sponsors the fruit trees and other plants

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Szilaspogony is a small secluded village in Nógrád county. The IHBC volunteers already know this place, as we have helped to renovate the village nursery in 2016. The mayor of the village, Tünde Varga has been a great supporter of the “Nursery Fruit Garden”. “It’s a long dream coming true”. She has offered nearly 2000 sqm of land – and people to look after the trees – to grow much needed fruits for the nursery kids, and hopefully for the other nurseries nearby.


The volunteering team is really grateful for Csaba Majoros – director of a prestigious park planning agency 4D Tájépítész Iroda ( currently working on the design, furnishing and extension of the Millenaris park in Budapest. He personally invested his time to visit the village twice already to set up the plans for the future garden. All on a volunteering basis. The plan looks ambitious. One of a kind. We hope we can see the results of planting more than 150 different kind of fruit plants on this land.
The village has already put a lot of work into preparing the area for the planting.


IHBC has contracted a special 20 seater bus for volunteers to get to the village. If you would like to join the bus, please leave a note under the event here, or send us a private message, so we know you are coming. (Just pressing the “I will be there” button is not enough to reserve a seat on the bus).

DEPARTURE: 8.40 am on the 6th of April, from Mozsár Utca 7. 1066 Budapest. You can get here by Tram 4-6 to Oktogon, or the yellow (M1) metro line. We are gathering here from 8.40-9.00 am. Please note, the bus can’t wait, as we have a 2 hour journey to the village.

COMING BACK: the actual planting is likely to be finished around 3pm. Then all the volunteers are invited for a “bogrács” lunch before heading back to Budapest.

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If you want to come by your own car: just come to the village nursery: Szilaspogony.


The village has a set of gardening tools, but likely to be less than the number of volunteers. So bring your planting tools, gloves, comfy shoes (Wellington boots if you have) and dress for outdoor activity. You can bring a set of clothes if you want to change, and travel light. Children are welcome. We have a few strawberries to plant, so they can get involved.

Please don’t forget to leave a note on the Facebook event page, if you are coming. Thanks a lot, and hope to see you there. It promises to be a wonderful event for a Saturday, and it has a long term benefit for a little village.

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