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Visiting the Balaton – Where to Go and What to Do

Visiting the Balaton – Where to Go and What to Do

Expat Press Balaton guide 2018

They call it the Hungarian sea, and we can guarantee that even though it’s not actually a sea, spending time by the Balaton will be an experience of a lifetime. It would be extremely difficult to pick an ultimate favourite location around the lake because there are a gazillion things to do and see in the area. Here are three locations that you should definitely not miss out on.

General tips

  • Try Airbnb, many more Hungarians have started using it in recent years
  • Go during the off season to avoid crowds and tourist prices
  • If you’re a returning visitor, expect higher prices than in previous years


Benedictine Abbey and Museum Informative and well-preserved, this museum is an interesting site to visit to learn about the history of the area. The site is located high on a hill top so the view from it is stunning.

Tihany Echo- In theory if you yell at the abbey it should echo back at you. Some say it doesn’t work anymore, but others say it depends on the conditions. We recommend attempting both yelling and whistling and trying in a variety of directions.

SUP Center Balaton– This SUP rental agency is located on the beach at Tihany. They offer SUP rental, classes, and yoga classes. This easy sporting activity is fun even for beginners and is perfectly suited for the calm waters of the Balaton.

Here are all the goodies that the Balaton has in store for you. 

Gulyas Udvar Etterem- With a menu of traditional Hungarian food, this restaurant is a safe option for a delicious lunch. The food is moderately priced and the atmosphere of the restaurant is cosy and rustic-feeling.


Veszprém zoo This is one of the most popular activities in Veszprém and is well worth a visit, especially with the family. It includes lots of interactive exhibits for children as well as a petting zoo. Visitors can watch and participate in feeding sessions with the animals while learning about the animals from the zoo guides.

Veszprém Castle- The castle offers beautiful views and charming buildings. It is free to visit and makes for a nice place for a walk during any time of year.

Fejesvölgy Kisvendeglő– If you’re craving some authentic Hungarian food then this is your place. Cute, quaint, and as magyar as ever, this is the spot to devour some meat and potatoes.

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Oliva Restaurant This place is beautifully decorated and this carries over to the way they display their food. They serve a mix of Hungarian and other European foods, all of which are photo-worthy. Guests say that the flavour matches the presentation so head here for a lovely dining experience.

Visit the amazing city of Szeged this summer as well! 


Laposa Borbirtok- A nicely designed, pleasant winery located on a hill top. Relax here to watch the sunset over the Balaton and sip on some of Badacsony’s finest wine.

Nemeth Pince- This endearing family run business does wine tastings, allowing you to choose which bottle to take home. Along with their tasting glasses they offer plates of local ham, cheese, and olives. Visitors comment on their lovely atmosphere and informal, personal approach to wine tasting.

Vonyarcvashegy Water Ski and Wakeboard Course- For some exercise after all that wine and cheese head to this water ski and wakeboard course for a fun time on the water. They have drag-cable courses and all equipment is included. You can spend the whole day or just pop in for an hour.

Folly Abortetum and Winery If you’d rather relax, this abortetum is your place. Here you can see the process of barrel-making from tree to wooden barrel or relax under the trees for the afternoon.

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