ReCirquel, the Hungarian Circus that Enchanted Gaultier

ReCirquel, the Hungarian Circus that Enchanted Gaultier | Expat Press Hungary Magazine 2

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After recent Hungarian success in Britain’s got Talent, it might not come as such a surprise that ReCirquel, the Hungarian Contemporary Circus Company recently amazed world-famous fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier last December in Paris. After seeing the brilliant show called Paris De Nuit, Gaultier stated that it was the best circus performance he had ever seen. So who are these enchanting dancer-performers?

This group of young performers was founded by director and choreographer Bence Vági in Budapest, in 2012. The Company’s aim is to introduce a new Hungarian contemporary circus genre to the rest of the world. The roots of Hungarian classical circus go back as far as 1800 and also one of the oldest circus schools in Europe was founded in Budapest, in 1950.

The Company’s artists started working with Bence Vági when they were a mere 17 or 18 years old. Over the last 3 years, they developed a unique contemporary circus style, combining methods of physical theatre, dance and acting.

In 2014 December the Company toured the South of France, performing their show, Night Circus in the cities of Marseilles, Arcachone, Saint-Maxime and Bayonne, with astounding success.

In 2016, Recirquel will perform at one of the most prestigious theatre festivals in the world in Bogota, Colombia. Then, in the following season they will perform in Tel Aviv and also in Montreal, at Cirque du Soleil’s TOHU circus centre with the aim of showing the uniqueness of Hungarian contemporary circus to the most important professionals in the business.

Check their website for the next performances, but be fast, the tickets usually sell out extremely quickly. More information at their website: Recirquel Performances