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A Review of Pulitzer Prize Award-Winning Drama ‘Proof’

A Review of Pulitzer Prize Award-Winning Drama ‘Proof’

Review of Pulitzer Prize Award-Winning Drama 'Proof'

DramaWorks plays a major role in the English language theatrical scene in Budapest. The latest show, starring four brilliant actors and a violinist, impressed the audience and conjured up a moving and uplifting story.

‘Proof’, written by American playwright David Auburn, is a piece that within a year from its premiere in 2000 won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play. A great choice, offering plenty of room for these professional actors to showcase their talent. Theatre at its best: when the play talks about family, mental health, talent, love and death – and so much more, offering the complexity of life itself.

The characters could have been simplified, but thanks to the wise choices of the professional actors, were not. Catherine is somewhat sullen, lost but talented, and definitely reclusive, but at the same time a loving, brave, open personality.
Claire is the protective, if slightly superior and dominating sister that we suspect has a hidden agenda but finally we discover that she genuinely cares for her family. Hal is the ambitious young mathematician who could easily take advantage of his situation – will he?

Robert, the recently deceased father suffered from mental health issues in his last years, but had lucid moments. The audience questions if in these times he could produce such mathematical discoveries? These ambiguities – owing to the sophisticated acting – are not cleared up until the end and bring a pleasing and intriguing complexity to the story.

The show covered rather heavy topics with a light touch and enchanted the audience: we are very much looking forward to the next DramaWorks Theatre Company performance.

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DramaWorks is a Theatre School and a professional Theatre Company in Budapest

and has a reputation for their lively acting classes and shows, as well as theatre workshops and creative English language courses. Students of DramaWorks Theatre School will also put on a number of plays and musicals on stage in May and June 2018. 

For details on the upcoming performances check the DramaWorks website or facebook site

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