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“The Play’s The Thing!”

“The Play’s The Thing!”

“The Play’s The Thing!” | Expat Press Hungary Magazine

It turns out that English-language theatre is thriving in Budapest, if you just know where to look.

For all you English-speaking expats who long for a taste of the entertainment found in your native countries, seek no more! Budapest has several local groups that put on plays, readings and other English-language performances on a continuing basis, especially during the winter months. In addition, there are often touring companies that come through town with specialty shows, musicals, theatre and other forms of live entertainment.

Great Groups

English-language theatre in Budapest #1

DramaWorks is a Theatre School and a professional Theatre Company in Budapest.

In 2018 DramaWorks produces the Pulitzer-Prize and Tony Award-winning play Proof, a professional production in Spirit Színház. ‘Proof’ by David Auburn is an English language play starring professional actors – Sloan Thompson, Faye Bradbrook, Scott Alexander Young and Dan Stroiman.

English-language theatre in Budapest #2

In 2015 Red Ball Theater brought Chicago-style improv to the Hungarian capital. Their theater is not comedy but rather an exploration of human connection that goes deep down the rabbit hole of the human experience. They are best known for their classes where they turn introverts into artists, artists into leaders and leaders into visionaries. With over a hundred students in the last three years they are the true melting pot of Budapest where expats and locals develop true friendships. Open workshops are every Wednesday with topics ranging from storytelling to characters, status and power to public speaking. The theater is in an intimate basement on Gyulai Pál utca 5, two minutes from Blaha.

English-language theatre in Budapest #3

Theatre on the Roof is known for its no-holds-barred approach to interpreting classic material. Recent plays have included The Glass Menagerie and Vernissage. Check them out HERE.

English-language theatre in Budapest #4

Scallabouche is a long-standing Hungarian and English-speaking troupe that puts on a wide repertoire of dramas along with their famous improv evenings. Check their website for upcoming performances.


Great Venues

English-language theatre in Budapest #5

Müszi is an artist-run centre based on the upper floors of a former shopping plaza at Blaha Lujza Tér. It has creative studios, a bar and an exhibition space. It also hosts workshops and theatre productions. Its website is here; click on the drop-down list for Programs and Event categories.

English-language theatre in Budapest #6

Bethlen Téri Színház, in Budapest’s VIIth District, has a mostly Hungarian website, where their occasional English language performances often have an English language blurb.

English-language theatre in Budapest #7

Atrium is a Buda site that was supposed to fill the gap left by the former Merlin International Theatre, but it seems they are now mainly putting on Hungarian shows. There are some infrequent English productions, but their website is mostly in Hungarian.


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A Little Something Extra

English-language theatre in Budapest #8

Gift of the Gab is an independent entertainment offering participants the chance to showcase their public speaking skills in planned and impromptu scenarios. Check their Facebook page for more information.

English-language theatre in Budapest #9

Brody Studios in Vörösmarty utca also puts on special plays and readings from time to time. They are easily found on Facebook.


And one final word:

When you attend one of these shows, be sure and hang around for a drink afterwards and talk to your fellow audience members and actors to see what they recommend in the way of upcoming performances. There is still a lot of English-language entertainment in Budapest if you just know where to look for it.

Photos: Brody Studios, Budapest English Theatre, Atrium

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