The 5th Michelin Star in Budapest’s Culinary Sky

The 5th Michelin Star in Budapest’s Culinary Sky

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It’s never been in question that Budapest is an upcoming venue for fussy foodies. Now though, another worthy restaurant has won a prestigious Michelin star for its amazing culinary palette. The new shining light is Costes Downtown.

The triumphant march of Budapest restaurants down the road to fine-dining nirvana seems to be unstoppable. Not only has Costes Downtown gained this high award, but the previous restaurants that already held a Michelin star all kept their awards. In chronological order they are: Costes (2010), Onyx (2011), Borkonyha (2014) and Tanti (2015).


In addition to this amazing culinary news, Petrus and Laci!Konyha! also won the Michelin Bib-Gourmand honour.

Congratulations and Bon appétit!

Photos: Costes Downtown, Costes, Onyx, Borkonyha, Tanti Facebook pages and websites