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Design Week Budapest 2018 – Where Functionality Meets Style

Design Week Budapest 2018 – Where Functionality Meets Style

Budapest Design Week 2018

Design is everywhere – even if we don’t always realize it. This is the guiding force behind this exciting event. The organizers’ aim is to point out that even though it’s not always visible, design is an innovative and inexhaustible source that combines the needs of society with functionality and beauty.

Design Week Budapest is one of the most prominent events related to design in Hungary. It was launched in 2004 by the Hungarian Design Council. The purpose of the event is to show the role of design in society and make it a more popular – and better understood – concept in general.

Design Week Budapest will bring us more than 150 events this year over the course of 15 days, in Budapest and in other cities in Hungary. Along with emphasizing the importance of design in society, the events will shed light on its economic importance as well.

The series of programs aim to shed light on how many possibilities design has when it comes to enhancing and refining business processes and company cultures. A well-designed business card or a nicely decorated and functional office space can result in a significant change in perception. As for the programs, there will be exhibitions, children’s events, round table discussions, workshop visits, presentations, conferences and more.

“Budapest Design Week staff is striving to produce a diversity of genres so that the public could enjoy a great variety of the appearance of design, from industrial design to fashion, from interior design to designer graphics or from service design to UX/UI design.” Source

Check out the detailed program here.

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