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Buon Appetito! – A Guide to the Best Italian Restaurants in Budapest

Buon Appetito! – A Guide to the Best Italian Restaurants in Budapest

Best Italian Restaurants in Budapest

Over the years the quality of Italian food in the city, very good to begin with, has climbed to even higher standards. Now you can find, along with mainstream restaurants, even more select establishments which feature the ’true’ gourmet taste of Italy. Listed below are just a few of the more unique Italian restaurants in Budapest.

Via Italia boasts five separate venues around town.

The original, and still a crowd favorite, is on Arany János Street. Each of the different locations are characterized by small signboards in the shape of a wine glass or an ice-cream cone, which tell you about the character of each eatery. There is a lovely little country delicatessen lined with uniquely Italian ingredients, a smaller restaurant, a wine bar and an ice cream parlor. But the showcase of this local chain is Trattoria Pomo D’Oro. You’ll find a scrumptious assortment of authentic Italian dishes created by Italian chefs using high-quality ingredients. The pasta and pizza selection is mouth-watering, and they also offer gourmet courses to please the palate of even the most discerning diners.

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Millennium da Pippo has a Sicilian flavor to draw in patrons to its terrace along Andrássy Avenue.

The house favorite is a thin-crust pizza and the parma ham and rocket selection is  particularly recommended, after which the remainder of the menu can be perused at your leisure. There you will find the “true tastes of Sicily,” with a wide variety of antipasti and tuna-swordfish carpaccio, assorted cold cuts and mixed fried dishes. Main courses focus on escalopes, grilled sirloin steaks and Sicilian-style bream. Select your favorite dessert from the enticing display, always keeping in mind the Sicilian staple cannolo should be first on your list.

Il Terzo Cerchio Offers standard Italian fare in Dohány Street near Blaha Lujza Square in a homey, comfy Italian atmosphere.

Its two floors are almost always jam-packed. Il Terzo serves well-known Italian creations made from prime ingredients; thanks to the open-view kitchen, you can even sneak a  peek into the creative process. This place is popular with tourists, expats and locals and is perfect for a date or dinner with friends.

Krizia really does have it all: great ambiance, attentive staff and world-class wines.

Krizia’s menu offers lots of Italian favorites and standards, but with interesting twists you won’t find elsewhere.  Some of the friendliest servers in town and the chefs make it their goal in life to satisfy the wishes of all diners, even when the dishes ordered are improvised creations.

Fausto Di Vora’s restaurant in Dohány Street has always been just that little bit above the expected, which has resulted in its being named by many as the best Italian eatery in Budapest.

Fausto’s offers a wonderful à la carte selection along with various course tastings. Their pastas and risottos melt in your mouth. Everything here is prepared with modern kitchen technology, combining tradition with the most current fashion and cosmopolitan style.

Bottega di Brontolo is an authentic trattoria and boasts one of the best Italian eatery atmospheres in Budapest.

The homemade pastas are to die for; all ingredients are fresh and fish and seafood are often on the menu in addition to many seasonal offers. And you know you are in a true Italian restaurant when several of your dining companions are Italian! Bottega di Brontolo makes one of the best carbonaras in town, which you can complement with their impressive wine assortment.

2Spaghi – Two lively Italian guys oversee this pasta-lasagne place in Gozsdu Courtyard, ensuring all Italian pastas are made fresh each day.

Apparently, both guys learned all of their tips and tricks from their Italian grandmothers, especially how to make their tagliatelle flat, their ravioli nicely filled and their spaghetti long and thin. You can select your favorite pasta shape, after which the pastas can be dressed in creamy sauces on the spot. If you feel like cooking up something at home, you can also order your pastas by the gram. And don’t forget the tiramisu!

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