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Hungarian food is some of the world’s finest. Find the best places to dine in Hungary, for the budget-conscious and for those who like to splurge.

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Films of Budapest from 1978, 1988, 1998 and 2008

As the MGM film from 1938, Beautiful Budapest, which we shared with you a couple of weeks back, became such a huge success, we’re now...

Budapest’s Beautiful Oasis-a Great City Walk

Just on the city’s outskirts is a calm, relaxing neighborhood, full of green spaces and tranquil parks. Just a short ride will get you...

British Ambassador leads team of runners around Balaton for abused children

“NE CSAK SZURKOLJ, SEGÍTS! (DON’T JUST CHEER, HELP!) is the name of the Ultrabalaton relay race organised by Hungarian Interchurch Aid. The team of...