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Budapest’s Classic Piano Bars

Budapest’s Classic Piano Bars

Budapest’s Classic Piano Bars

Sometimes you just want to sit back, have a cocktail and relax and listen to some soothing music. When you do, here are some places to visit.

Hitting the ruin pubs with their overpowering new-age music is fun and exciting; and dancing the night away at a music club is always a treat. But sometimes – sometimes – you need a little rest from all that frenetic energy. You just need to take some time out, sit in a comfy chair, sip a cocktail of your choice, maybe close your eyes while the soft, sibilant tunes of a calming piano drift over and through you. Since Budapest is the city that has something for everyone, you can even find that perfect piano bar to suit your mood – if you just look closely enough. But be warned, Google information is not always current; for example, Kalap no longer offers a piano bar. Here are a few of the city’s best:

Budapest’s Classic Piano Bars #1

Expat-Press-Inter-Relocation-Expat-Support-piano-bars-in-Budapest-Kispipacs-piano-bar“Piros Pezsgő” Piano Bar – A favorite with the Buda crowd, Kis Pipacs can be found at Bimbo u. 3, an uphill trudge and dogleg right from the Mechwart Tér tram stop. The atmosphere is evocative of the good old days, filled with all those great melodies from years gone by as well as more modern melodies. And the pianist is none other than Gabor Fűzy, also known as “Aranykéz” (Golden Hands). Gabor played in the well-known Hungarian musical “PIPACS” in the 1960s, ‘70s and ’80s. His music is the real nostalgia. Visitors so inclined can even dance to the music and singing along with Gabor is also welcome. Opens at 10 PM.

Budapest’s Classic Piano Bars #2

Expat-Press-Inter-Relocation-Expat-Support-piano-bars-in-Budapest-Miki's-piano-barMiki’s Café and Piano Bar   What a great little cozy, intimate, dimly-lit piano bar. And it’s right on Jaszai Mari Ter at number 3, just two doors from McDonald’s, at the northern end of the Number 2 tram. The owner is, naturally enough, Miki, who is also the piano player extraordinaire. He plays until the wee hours, all sorts of music: oldies, favorites, show tunes, pop, standards, pretty much anything you want. There are actually two rooms, an outer room with bar and tables for chatting and a separate piano area where you can listen to Miki play and maybe even sing along with him.

Budapest’s Classic Piano Bars #3

Expat-Press-Inter-Relocation-Expat-Support-piano-bars-in-Budapest-Sinatra-piano-barSinatra Piano Bar– Located on Belgrád Rakpart just north of Fővám Tér, this riverside venue offers some great views of Gellert Hill. The restaurant offers a nice variety of dishes, but late night is when the piano bar portion really shines. The clientele is interesting also, and ladies who wish to visit should be accompanied by a gentleman.

Budapest’s Classic Piano Bars #4

Expat-Press-Inter-Relocation-Expat-Support-piano-bars-in-Budapest-Suttogo-piano-barSuttogó Piano Bar Located behind the Hungarian Opera House at Hajos utca 27, this cellar venue is one of the city’s newest romantic retreats. An intimate, tiny, atmospheric place, perfect for a late-night téte-a-téte with that special someone.


Photos: Miki’s Piano Bar, Suttogó Piano Bar, Kis Pipacs Piano Bar, Sinatra Piano Bar Facebook pages

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