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Women’s Day wine tasting in Judy’s Wine Bar

Women’s Day wine tasting in Judy’s Wine Bar

Women’s Day wine tasting in Judy’s Wine Bar

As International Women’s Day approaches, more and more thoughtful programmes in celebration of women catch our eye. This time we recommend a sexy, chic, unusual and colourful programme. Wine-loving women, get ready for tasting!

Welcome Ladies!

While tasting excellent wines by female winemakers on 10th March in Judy’s Wine Bar in Budapest, the organisers will be seeking the answer to the question of how the wine produced by women reflects their makers’ uniqueness and characteristics. How does the character of wine produced by ladies differ from that of their male colleagues? To what extent do gender differences influence winemaking, taking into account differences in precision and senses of smell and taste?

Expat-Press-Inter-Relocation-Expat-Support-womens-day-wine-tasting-in-Budapest-JudyLet’s explore the deep attraction of women towards wine along with their motivation, their views of this masculine world and their exciting opinions.
Hostess: Judit Simon, Judy winemaker, lover of wines, who has pursued this inexhaustible career since she was 14. Her mission is to familiarise ladies and gentlemen with special wines as an enjoyable experience in this bustling world.

Women’s Day wine tasting menu:

Francois President Brut Rosé gl.: 790 HUF, bottle: 6900 HUF
Zsuzsanna Babarczi  Panonhalmi Olaszrizling gl.: 250 HUF, bottle: 2500 HUF
Angelika Árvay Tokaji Sauvignon Blanc gl.: 350 HUF, bottle: 3500 HUF
Expat-Press-Inter-Relocation-Expat-Support-womens-day-wine-tasting-in-Budapest-1Pfneiszl Soproni Merlot gl.: 310 HUF, bottle: 3100 HUF
Pfneiszl ‘Újraegyütt’ Kékfrankos gl.: 350 HUF, bottle: 3500 HUF
Flóra Jekl Villányi Il Primo Cuvée gl.: 700 HUF, bottle: 7000 HUF
Angelika Árvay Tokaji Édesem gl.: 450 HUF, bottle: 4500 HUF

All in price: 3,500 HUF

A 15% discount on bottle prices is offered.

Facebook page of the event: HERE 


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