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Happy Birthday Hungary – August 20 Celebrations in Budapest 2019

Happy Birthday Hungary – August 20 Celebrations in Budapest 2019

St. Stephen!s Day 2019-Expat Press Hungary

August 20 is St. Stephen’s Day, arguably Hungary’s largest and most important national holiday. Enjoy the celebrations, which will include everything from an aerial and water parade to gastronomy to the arts and much more. Here are the programmes you can attend in Budapest.

  • 09:15-10:00, the banks of the Danube (between Margit and Erzsébet Bridge): Aerial and water parade performed by military and civil airplanes.
  • 10:00-24:00, Between Várkert Bazaar and  Döbrentei Square in Buda: Promenade of Hungarian flavours. You can attend this event between August 18 and 20, and taste the best quality traditional Hungarian cuisine.

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Várkert Bazár – Fergeteg

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  • 14:30 Szent György tér in Buda Castle: Ecumenical bread blessing ceremony and the start of the Harvest March.
  • 17:00, in front of St Stephen’s Basilica: Holy Mass and Procession of St. Stephen’s Holy Right Hand

  • 21:00, along the Danube: The spectacular fireworks will start.

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