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5 Stunning Hungarian Winter Videos You May Never Have Seen Before

5 Stunning Hungarian Winter Videos You May Never Have Seen Before

5 Stunning Hungarian Winter Videos You May Never Have Seen Before | Expat Press Hungary Magazine

Many of you will have seen great videos about Budapest before, but what about other Hungarian cities? There are plenty of other gems around the country and also, winter is a really beautiful time here, wherever you happen to be.

Here are five spectacular videos of different parts of Hungary. Four of the clips are of other cities that you may or may not have already visited, and we couldn’t resist adding a winter wonderland video about our snowy capital city at the end.

Stunning Hungarian Winter Videos: Szeged

Probably only a few people have seen the capital of Csongrád County (South Eastern Hungary) from this perspective. Szeged is known for its vibrant cultural scene, especially the famous open-air summer theatre festival, and its  great universities.

Stunning Hungarian Winter Videos: Debrecen

Hungary’s second largest city and capital city of Hajdú-Bihar County is amazing all year round, not just in summer when they hold the famous Flower Carnival. It’s really worth a winter visit, an enjoyable experience is certainly possible in other cities besides Budapest.

Stunning Hungarian Winter Videos: Pécs

The world-famous artist, Victor Vasarely’s birthplace is the Hungarian home of art-lovers. Visit the Zsolnay quarter, or just take a walk in the unique, picturesque streets. Both promise unforgettable experiences.

Stunning Hungarian Winter Videos: The Balaton

The largest lake in Central Europe is not only beautiful in Summer. As Lake Balaton is surrounded by wine-regions and has an upcoming gastronomy scene, can is as  good a winter venue as it is when the sun is shining a little brighter.

Stunning Hungarian Winter Videos: and here is the spectacular Budapest video we mentioned earlier:

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