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The Symptoms: Quo vadis? Season-Opener at Trafó, Budapest

The Symptoms: Quo vadis? Season-Opener at Trafó, Budapest

Tünet Együttes - Photos by Mészáros Csaba

The Symptoms are opening the autumn season with a busy schedule. On 15 September the duet Sea Lavender – Or the Euphoria of Being will celebrate its 70th performance, while on 20 September the figures of old Symptoms performances will be haunting at the awards ceremony of the Theatre Critics Guild. On 30 September at the Táncpark event the Symptoms’ commando will be performing You trash! Big cleaning in the big outdoors, with a big scum band.

On 11 October Réka Szabó returns with her third solo work, I will be all of these things one day, at the Jurányi Art Incubator House.

The performance is an honest, personal stocktake, including the girl, the middle-aged woman and the elderly lady at the same time. Just like you can’t force yourself to sleep, it’s not easy to escape from the tower where you locked yourself up.

Head first – or the contractions of expanding time was performed at the summer festivals in Veszprém and Szeged, and will now be performed for the fourth time at the Trafó on 25 September.

This honest, intimate, but also emotional and grotesque piece attempts to recall, analyse and demonstrate the experience of childbirth, unravelling everything that happened behind closed eyes, beneath the skin, subconsciously, with bodies, words and images. The piece is based on the dancers’ own experiences; with the return of Viktória Dányi after giving birth, the original line-up is back together.

After the season-opening “Head-First” performance the audience can meet Réka Szabó, artistic director of the company.

Amongst other things we will be speaking about why it is taboo to talk about giving birth? Is criticism important? Do we want to give people food for thought or entertain them? Are independents independent? How do you prepare for a theatre season nowadays? Will there be a premiere? We look forward to seeing you all there.

The performance starts at 8pm on 25 September in the Trafó; the discussion will be held afterwards in the café from 9:30pm. Participation in the discussion after the performance is free.
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