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The Hungarian connection ’between’ Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

The Hungarian connection ’between’ Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

The Hungarian connection ’between’ Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

There’s a breath-taking and wonderfully intimate video about the world famous painter Frida Kahlo and her husband the legendary Diego Rivera. And of course there’s a Hungarian connection that bonds together the legend and reality. This unique film is made by a Hungarian photographer and Olympic fencer: Nickolas Muray.

Frida Kahlo met Muray in 1931 and had a relationship with him looking for emotional shelter in light of her husband’s unfaithfulness. But who was the man who could ease the exceptional Mexican artist’s emotional pain?

Frida Kahlo from Nickolas Muray archive, taken at Pera Museum Exhibition in Istanbul
Music: Guadalupe Urbina y Los Callejeros — Frida Kalho


Expat-Press-Inter-Relocation-Expat-Support-Nickolas-Muray-Frida-KahloMuray was born as Miklós Mandl in Szeged in 1892. He later attended a graphic arts school in Budapest, where he studied lithography, photo-engraving, and photography. After earning an International Engraver’s Certificate, he took a course in colour photo-engraving in Berlin. In 1913 he sailed to New York where he soon became a respected photographer and started to work for Harper’s Bazaar. His images were published in Vogue and The New York Times too.

Muray had a great sporting career too; he competed for the United States at the 1928 and 1932 Summer Olympics in the sabre fencing events.

After divorcing his second wife the artist-sportsman met Frida Kahlo not long after she married Diego Rivera and started their 10-year affair. Muray wanted to marry Frida but she didn’t want another husband, just a lover. Their relationship was far too strong however, to allow them to just walk out of each other’s lives. Their friendship remained strong until Kahlo passed away.


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