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The Charity Box – Aid Hungary’s Kids and Families in Need

The Charity Box – Aid Hungary’s Kids and Families in Need

The Charity Box

For the festive period Charity Box is aiming to collect at least 50 family packs, which will be distributed to kids living in care homes in Hungary and kids living in poverty. Over 20.000 kids were placed to children’s home just in 2018, in Hungary, as their families can’t provide them. They have a family, they are allowed to go home, but most often they can’t, as the family won’t be able to look after them during the festive period.

Talking to nursery teacher working in the countryside – especially north-east, and south-east -, the foundation was advised on the situations in the winter time, and it can get critical. They are also advised on whom to help, which kid/family needs help.


The LARGE FAMILY BOX would be packed with goods up to the value of 15.000 HUF (50 Euro). The SMALL FAMILY BOX starts from as little as 5.000 HUF (16 Euro), up to 10.000 HUF (30 Euro). You can either trust the foundation to do the shopping on your behalf, of you can simply use the shopping list hereunder:

THE SHOPPING LIST – suggested items for family meals during the time of Xmas and New Year

BASIC ingredients: Salt, Flavor, Oil, Milk (long shelf life UHT), pasta (especially Bolognese), vegetable (or any kind of) Stock cubes, Pepper

SHORT SHELF LIFE products (only collected between December 10-24 2018): Eggs (box of 6 or 12), butter or margarine, yoghurt, any kind of cheese, small box of tomato

FRUITS: Apples, Oranges, Dates, Dried fruits, Lemon

LONG SHELF LIFE products: Jar of a really nice sauce (Bolognese is a big favorite with the kids), bag of biscuits, big chocolate bar, canned peach halves, salami, dry sausage, soap bar, washing up liquid, washing powder.

LUXORY ITEMS: hot chocolate powder/cocoa powder, xmas spices (cinnamon, vanilla sugar) topping cream, Nutella, szaloncukor (popular candy used for decorating Xmas trees in Hungary), small bag of coffee, 1 warm blanket, vitamins (vitamin C, kids version)

You are only asked to fill up a box 40x60x40 – if your choice is the large family box.


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The foundation is working with the SZOCSOMA social network, they are field workers collecting addresses and needs of families in danger and in need. They are also pleased that the Real Pearl Foundation – specializing in children’s art education and community support -also has accepted our invitation. They will help to get YOUR hamper to the right place. Connect with the foundation at!



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