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Refreshing Treats to Try this Summer in Budapest

Refreshing Treats to Try this Summer in Budapest

  • From bubble tea to smoothie bowls, Budapest’s food offerings keep on trend. Whether you prefer some classic ice cream or a more modern frozen creation this list has options for you.
Refreshing Treats to Try this Summer in Budapest

From bubble tea to smoothie bowls, Budapest’s food offerings keep on trend. Whether you prefer some classic ice cream or a more modern frozen creation this list has options for you.

Levendula- Ice cream and sorbet

This handcraft ice cream shop offers a huge variety of both classic and interesting flavours to pick from including dark chocolate, poppy seed, and lavender. With locations all over the city, you can pick up a scoop next time you’re in need of refreshment.

Many of their flavours are vegan or low-sugar, to cater to your health as well as your taste buds. Our personal favourite flavours are the mint-strawberry and mango!

Need an icy caffeine fix? Check out these ‘cool’ places!

Azúr Fagyizó- Ice cream

Understated and discreetly located in district 13, this ice cream shop provides quality ice cream at affordable prices. They also keep up to date with the food trends, with a charcoal and coconut flavour being added to their repertoire in the summer of 2017. If you happen to be further from the city centre, try out Grill box16 Bistro’s charcoal soft-serve

Fragola – Ice cream

A kid-friendly, handcrafted ice cream chain that has locations all over the city, making it accessible no matter where you are. In addition to the classics, they offer creative flavors such as apple pie, tiramisu, and yogurt pomegranate, making sure that you never get bored.

Fittnass Cukormentes Cukrászda- Ice cream and cakes

For those with special dietary requirements or preferences, this health-focused sweet shop provides the perfect menu. Not only are their sweets free from harmful ingredients, they are also exceptionally tasty. Head here for a guilt-free treat!

Very berry – Ice creams, cakes, coffee

This dessert shop located near the basilica could be mistaken for a place reserved for tourists, but their smooth ice cream and cute interior design make it a place that everyone should enjoy. If you’re more of a baked good type of person, they have plenty of delicious cake options to enjoy alongside their exquisite espresso.

Popsi – popsicles

As one of the first popsicle shops in Budapest, this trend-setting little business provides richly flavoured popsicles that are consistently delicious. Find them hidden in the open food market located off Kazinczy utca. If you like cute Instagram photos and love colourful summery vibes on your feed, this is your spot!
Address: Kazinczy u. 18, Budapest, 1075

Anjuna Ice Pops – popsicles, smoothie bowls, and more

With a huge variety of offerings including popsicles, acai bowls, cheesecakes, and chia seed pudding this dessert shop has quickly gained popularity. Head here if you want something that won’t ruin your summer health streak, but still satisfies your sweetness cravings.

Szimply- smoothie bowls and homemade ice cream

For a classic millennial treat, stop by szimply for an exquisitely decorated smoothie bowl or ice cream dish. This tiny restaurant focuses on quality rather than quantity, so make sure to go early to ensure yourself a place at one of their few tables. Their menu always changes according to what produce is in season, so prepare to be surprised! This is another fabulous photo destination since the staff take great care to perfect the presentation of the food, helping you take your insta game up a notch.

Juicy- Juices, puddings, and health shots

If you’re a real health junkie, this juice chain offers the ideal summer refreshment. Located inside Budapest Bagel, they offer juices with watermelon and mint, mango and strawberry, or apple and cinnamon. Better yet, health shots with wheat grass or turmeric are available if you want to boost your immune system.

Bubu bubble tea – Bubble tea and slushies

Bubble tea has been around for ages in Asian but has only recently arrived to the European food scene. Bubu bubble tea offers a super sweet version of bubble tea, with many bubble flavours and shapes to choose from and conveniently quick preparation time. As a summer special, they also offer slushies.

Zhao Zhou tea shop- Artisan tea

If you’re one for refinement, and prefer hot drinks to iced, the Zhao Zhou tea shop is perfect for you. With a huge emphasis on the quality of their teas, their attention to detail allows you to have the complete tea experience. Come here to relax and unwind between your summer adventures.

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