10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest

10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest | Expat Press Hungary Magazine

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Can’t find those specialty organic items at your local or big-chain market? Fret no more; Budapest offers more of these types of shops than you might be aware. Below is an alphabetical list of the city’s favorite organic food shops and markets:

10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #1: Bijó Szakáruház

1135 Budapest, Róbert Károly Körút 96-100.

This special health food store is also open Saturdays, with its huge choice of organic and vegan goods. Come in and browse through their wide selection of foods and juices for all tastes.

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #2: Bio ABC

Múzeum krt. 19. Downtown

A super-well-stocked health food store, carrying so many of your favorite organic groceries, this shop is considered by Budapest locals as one of the best places for organic shopping in the city center. It has everything from vegetables to eco-friendly cleaning products, cosmetics and all sorts of vegan and vegetarian products. Quality counts, so it’s not especially cheap. Note: Bring your own bag.

10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #3: Biopiac (Organic Farmers Market)

Csörsz utca 18..  Németvölgy

Many Budapest residents think this is the best organic farmers market in the city. This well-organized little market is chock full of fresh vegetables, fruits & other organic products. It also features organic local produce, along with helpful vendors and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #4: Culinaris

Perc u. 8.  Óbuda-Békásmegyer
1055 Budapest, Balassi Bálint u. 7.
1067 Budapest, Hunyadi tér 3.

This ultra-specialty gourmet shop has been around for several years now and offers all of those hard-to-find domestic and foreign items that are not available at most other stores in Budapest. And among all of those special items hides various flavors of Ben and Jerry’s ice creams. Culinary Heaven!

10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #5: Cserpes Tejivó

1052 Budapest, Sütő u. 2.
1082 Budapest, Corvin köz
1123 Budapest, Mom Sport Centre, Csörsz Street 14-16.
1117 Budapest, Allee Shopping Center, (Kőrösy József Street)

This little Budapest gem reminds visitors of the old-style milk bars. It offers high-quality organic yoghurts and delicious desserts at very reasonable prices, along with yummy sandwiches to go.

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #6: Diéta Life Market

1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 30.
1066 Budapest, Nyugati tér 1. (next to Spar)
1075 Budapest, Károly körút 7.
1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 32.

Probably the biggest health food shop chain in Budapest. It offers organic, paleo, fat-burning and many more healthy food selection and food supplements.

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #7: Ecocafe

Andrássy út 68. (at Izabella u.)

This lovely little coffee shop offers a full range of great organic food. The helpful staff is always ready to assist customers in selecting just the right fresh, delicious item for their table. Even bio vegetable milk is available for people who can’t drink regular milk. And the prices are always right.

10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest
Photo: Ecocafe

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #8: Fény utcai piac

Fény u. (Lövőház u.).

At the rear of Mammut Shopping Center in Buda you’ll find an extensive market for people craving organic food. Looking for specialty items? Check out Sonkás on the second floor, or look for the smelly but awesome cheese shop just around the corner. This popular market has probably the largest selection of organic and protected-origin goods in the city.

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #9: Herbaház

Százados út 18 (behind Hungária krt. TTL).  Józsefváros

Another outstanding bio grocery store where you can find rare, organic, gluten-free, sugar-free and extra healthy food and ingredients.  The staff is welcoming, helpful and know their stuff and the prices are always quite reasonable.

10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #10: KARAVÁN Budapest – Street Food

1075 Kazinczy u. 18.

Among the meat-filled food trucks in one of Budapest’s most unique eating places there is also a vegan, organic truck. The courtyard offers an amazing selection of stalls and vans with a wide variety of different cuisines, all at very sensible prices. For vegetarians or vegans, the organic vegan wrap stall is always a hit and chicken soup at the Thai wok is truly out of this world; just add a scoop of hot chili and some soy and Blast Off!

10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest
Photo: Karaván Facebook page

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #11: Mad Dog Cafe Haus

Dunavirág u. 2. Angyalföld

Stop by this lovely little organic coffee shop for some tasty apple pie, along with coffee, cappuccino, muffins, latte and more. The attached shop also sells those hard-to-find items that accompany all of their organic offerings.

10+ Organic Food Shops and Markets in Budapest

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #12. Massolit Books & Café

Nagy Diófa u. 30-32. (nr Wesselényi u.) Zsidónegyed

No, you haven’t accidentally wandered into a romantic French film. This new-and-used bookstore has thousands of foreign-language books along with a beautiful sun-drenched courtyard, complete with chirping birds, delicious lattes and organic teas, in which to enjoy them. It’s a mixture of a café and a bookstore. While browsing, visitors can also enjoy the shop’s tasty bagels with some really good coffee.

Organic Food Shops in Budapest #13: VegaCity

Múzeum krt. 23-25. Józsefváros ·

This always-popular vegetarian restaurant also offers a wide selection of fresh vegan foods in its attached shop. The vegan food can only be described as yummy and their gyro is truly awesome. There are also lots of gluten-free options and amazing cakes.


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