Lebanese flavours in Budapest

Lebanese flavours in Budapest | Expat Press Hungary Magazine 3
Hungary’s first authentic Lebanese restaurant

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Baalbek, Hungary’s first authentic Lebanese restaurant recently opened  at the Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace

This new hip place for oriental cuisine lovers, which got its name from a Lebanese city situated on a hilltop in the Bekaa Valley, is now welcoming guests in the heart of Budapest. Inter-Relocation-Expat-Support-baalbekBesides this rather obvious inspiration, the restaurant is also named Baalbek after famous Hungarian painter, Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka’s monumental work.

The restaurant lines up the finest of Levantine cuisine and prepares all dishes Halal, putting the emphasis on traditional recipes, fresh and premium ingredients and last but not least, on exquisite service.


Baalbek, with its oriental atmosphere will welcome its guests with homemade Arabic bread, unmatched genuine Lebanese dishes and constantly changing daily specials. Beyond the traditional favourite mezzes and colourful salads, the menu presents culinary specialties such as ”Harira” (a spicy lamb soup), freshly made grilled meat and fish, Lebanese milk pudding flavoured with rosewater or “Um Ali”, an Egyptian bread pudding.

The restaurant’s Executive Chef, whose passion is authentic Arabic cuisine, offers a personal guarantee that every guest at the restaurant will have the impression they are on a gastronomic journey to the Middle-East.

Baalbek also boats a cosy winter terrace, offering a wide range of premium shishas and traditional Arabic tea. This is undoubtedly the new must-try restaurant in Budapest.