Hungarian qualifier for Bocuse d’Or

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The 11 chefs selected by the jury in August based on their submissions demonstrated their skills at the Metro GastroAcademy from 11am on 13 December.


The result is as follows:

Ádám  Pohner   (Olimpia Restaurant, Budapest)

László Szabó  (Sodexo)

István Volenter   (67 Restaurant and Bistro, Székesfehérvár)

Rodrigo Sándor  (Costes Downtown, Budapest)

Árpád Győrffy  (Kollázs – Four Seasons, Budapest)

Tamás Széll  (Onyx Restaurant, Budapest), who qualified with his previous appearance in Lyon

The candidates did not have an easy job. At this competition they were still standing by the hobs on their own, and their task was to prepare one fish and one wild game dish in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Then they had to serve up 5+1 dishes to the jury. The 11 participants had to present a series of dishes to the jury, which would hold their own even in the best bistros or restaurants in the world, whilst also being seasonal, harmonious, inspiring and even entertaining. There was a separate kitchen jury scoring cleanliness, hygiene and rational use of raw ingredients, while the food was assessed by two juries each consisting of 5 members, tasting the fish and meat dishes separately.

The competition will continue on 18 February 2016 with the domestic final, where they will compete in pairs, with their own commis (assistant chef). The top 6 in the youth competition and some promising apprentice chefs can also join the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Europe team, besides the chef winning the domestic final, the team leader, the promotion manager and the trainer.

20 European countries will compete on 10-11 May 2016 in Budapest. If the performance is just as good as the two previous Hungarian participants, then the Hungarian candidate at this competition will qualify for the 2017 Bocuse d’Or Lyon world final.

Photo source:Bocuse d’Or Academy Hungary