Take a Shoot – Why photography might just be your next hobby?

There has never been more time for learning a new skill than now and taking photos is definitely a useful skill to acquire. -By Illya Ovchar 

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There has never been more time for learning a new skill than now and taking photos is definitely a useful skill to acquire. Photography is something different many of us might consider as a way to shift gear and think more creatively. Here are some reasons why photography may just be your next hobby:

Creating Memories

First and foremost, taking photos is about creating memories.

We snap pics every day to remember a board we saw at a meeting, the place where we parked our car or even a shopping list. You can’t really call it photography though, since those shots will serve their purpose and get deleted in a few days, along with hundreds of similar ones.

We take photographs about things we want to look back at later. Photos from a wedding, engagement, childbirth or vacation. These, in contrast to snapshots, we want to remember and maybe show others. These we want to stand the test of time. A photo has to tell a story and do it by depicting a moment, sometimes as little as 1/200th of a second long. Not only should it tell a story but also be pleasing to look at.

I first started learning photography for that exact reason, to create aesthetically pleasing, memorable photos. I captured my family’s special moments and documented a vacation. Later that evolved into a passion that I love sharing.

Being Creative

Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to have creative jobs. As human beings however, we do need to express ourselves in a creative way, even if our occupation doesn’t allow for that. Photography might just be the outlet for you. Each time you take a photo, you make a creative decision about the camera settings and composition. Learning to make these choices is something that takes a bit of practice and it’s where people such as myself come in. Alongside writing, I work as a professional photographer.  And now having recently started a photography blog, teaching others about my art, it’s become evident to me just how many people want to be creative with their cameras and in their lives in general.

Showing Your Point of View

It is pretty strange for me to think that every other person has their own view of the world and sees reality in a different way. Naturally, we wonder how someone else sees the things we do. Through what lens? That’s where grabbing a camera is great. Seeing a world in your own way and showing it to others can be enlightening, and eye opening.

So now that we figured out why photography may just be the next skill you learn, let’s learn about it. My daily blog at ovcharstudios.com covers exactly the topics you would want to learn to be a better photographer. And quarantine is the perfect time, much of it is oriented at taking photos indoors or looking outside through a window, so nothing life-threatening.

Illya Ovchar 

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