Hungarian Drink Specialties for Year-end Toasts

We recently wrote about the many ways we can spend a fun New Year's Eve in Budapest but what are the best drinks for a toast in order to bid farewell to the old year in a worthy manner and greet the new one?

Hungarian Drink Specialties for Year-end Toasts
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We recently wrote about the many ways we can spend a fun New Year’s Eve in Budapest but what are the best drinks for a toast in order to bid farewell to the old year in a worthy manner and greet the new one?

Sándor Csíki, winner of the “Par Excellence” writer category of the Hungarian Sommelier Association, and author of the Food&Wine blog, offers five excellent ideas for year-end toasts.

Last update: 2018.

“There are some great Hungarian products on the market. The Brut Prestige of Kreinbacher Estate is manufactured according to the same traditional process as champagne, i.e. the “méthode traditionnelle”. The difference is that champagne a protected origin product, while the technology itself is commonly used when producing sparkling wine. This Kreinbacher sparkling wine is as perfect as French champagne. But it is more friendly priced.  Kreinbacher Prestige Brut opens with aromas of golden apple, lime and grapefruit. In the mouth it is rather full-bodied and well-structured, while the harmonious details immediately indicate that it is the most outstanding item of the estate.

Törley, the most famous Hungarian sparkling wine trademark, should by no means be missed. I recommend their brut sparkling wines, in particular, Törley Francois Rosé Brut Nature. This versatile drink is not only great with lighter dishes but also when paired with heavier, red-meat or fish soup menus. Its colour glitters in a silvery light-green tone.  A light, airy sparkling wine with fresh acidity and a little nutty after-taste” – as recommended by the expert.

“The 2011 Kishegy Sparkling Wine of the Szent Tamás wine cellar comes from one of Hungary’s most prestigious wine regions, Mád. This is a real, premium quality drink, showing the fruity features characterising the Furmint grape and the minerality of the Kishegy vineyard. The harvest began early so that the citrus flavoursand the fresh acids can be united to produce a lively, vibrant sparkling wine.”

It is especially interesting that the winery’s Mád Furmint was recently embraced by none other than the Uncrowned TV Show King of the International Chef World, Gordon Ramsay. (ed.)

Sándor Csíki believes that the dry white wine Hold and Hollo of the Holdvölgy estate, recently given a prestigious award, can be used to greet the New Year in a manner befitting champagne. Its flavour starts with a sweet aroma, enriched by apple, pear and peach and completed with white-petal flowers. Besides the discrete barrel spices, its taste is dominated by a line of apples and biscuits, followed by a honey-like, orangey after-taste.

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Foto @mitajointanaan (@get_repost) ・・・ ?? HOLD AND HOLLO Uppp Off-dry sparkling white wine 2017" "On the nose, it has aromas of white flowers, pear and pineapple. The palate is also dominated by pear and pineapple, in harmony with the freshness of green apples and lime. This is a pleasant and unique sparkling wine with tiny, gently tingling bubbles. It's a stunning and intensive wine with a long aftertaste that will certainly captivate your senses! " "Fehér szirmú virágokkal, körtével és ananásszal nyit az illat. Ízében folytatódik a körtés-ananászos vonal, mellyel zöldalma és lime friss jegyei lépnek harmóniába. A finoman bizsergető apró buborékai által kellemes és egyedi gyöngyözőbor született, melynek meglepő és intenzív hosszúsága garantáltan magával fog ragadni! " #wine #tokaji #tokaj #winetasting #winery #whitewine #vino #lovewine #drinks #winelover #winetasting #wineaddict #winetime #winepairing #mywinemoment #goodwine #instawine #winelovers #winemaker #vineyard #winesofinstagram #wines #wineeveryday #winelove #wineoftheday #Holdvölgy #holdandhollo

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However, those who prefer red should choose from the wines of the Szent Andrea vineyard estate, recently elected as “Winery of the Year”. “From the spiritual and lyrical wines with nice names, I, for example, recommend Merengő (Hungarian for ‘muser’), which is the Eger estate’s top “Bull’s Blood” wine. It has full, substantial and deep fragrances, where you can notice the complex balance of fruitiness and spiciness. There is mystery, excitement and balance in there, all at the same time. Noble, elegant red wine from Eger.” – the wine writer says.