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mARkeT – Gastronomy in photos at the Belvárosi Piac

mARkeT – Gastronomy in photos at the Belvárosi Piac

mARkeT - Gastronomy in photos at the Belvárosi Piac | Expat Press Hungary Magazine 2

An extraordinary exhibition is opening at the Belvárosi Piac on 29 April. Seven of the country’s best gastro-photographers – Árpád Bakcsy, László Balkányi, Antonio Fekete, Imre Körmendi, Árpád Patyi, Árpád Pintér and Péter Vulman – have been given a chance to display their photos in a group exhibition, which visitors can see throughout the market until the beginning of June.

Basic ingredients, original food displays, artistic servings, chef portraits, pig-killings and a Bocuse d’Or mood all appear on the photos.

This is the first time there has been an exhibition of contemporary gastro-photography in Hungary; one of the hot topics in gastronomy is the Bocuse d’Or, the most prestigious international cooking competition, and the European final this year takes place in Budapest.

Bocuse d’Or Fan Zone at the Belvárosi Piac

Photos of the world final in Lyon and the Hungarian team can be seen at the Belvárosi Piac. Considered the Formula 1 of gastronomy, the European final will be held at the Hungexpo on 10-11 May, for which the Bocuse d’Or Fan Zone is being created at the market hall on Hold utca. But the special photos can be viewed at any time during the opening hours of the Belvárosi Piac until 29 April.

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