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Extravagant Hidden Gems in Budapest

Extravagant Hidden Gems in Budapest

Extravagant Hidden Gems in Budapest | Expat Press Hungary Magazine 2

There are so many extravagant hidden gems – from philosophical to naughty – in Budapest to help you enjoy the summer: admirable walks and cool places favored by locals and, of course, all off the track.

Budapest is hot in so many ways during the summer. To help city dwellers and tourists alike to cool off, however, it has plenty of terrace hangouts and many well-known outdoor attractions. Of course, the best gems are often hidden from strangers to the city, but are quite popular amongst the locals. For example, have a picnic with Lao Tse, watch the History of Hungary in 3D and discover one of the cheekiest fountains ever. Here is a touch more detail about three of these fabulous outdoor places, with some extra recommendations where you can enjoy the sun and cool down a bit at the same time, and all off the beaten track.

Picnic in the Tabán with Lao Tse

The Garden of Philosophy
Garden of Philosophy on the side of Gellért hill Budapest, created “for a better mutual understanding” by Nándor Wagner. The statues in the circle are labelled “Ábrahám, Ekhnaton, Jézus Krisztus, Buddha, Lao Ce”, the other three statues “Assisi Szent Ferenc”, “Bodhi Dharma”, “Mahatma Gandhi”. Image by Gothika/Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Central Park’ of Budapest used to be a bohemian, adventurous part of the city; now it’s lush and green, an ideal place for outdoor sports, relaxation and picnics. Discover the regular workouts at Kőműves (Stonemason) steps nearby the Tabán Tennis Center. At the beautiful Naphegy Street you can enjoy local foods at Locavore restaurant at the top of the Oxygen wellness complex. On Gellért hill you suddenly bump into an impressive monument in the Garden of Philosophy. Around the centre, Lao Tse, Abraham, Echnaton, Jesus and Buddha stand in all their statuary splendor. Is there any better way to pass a summer afternoon than to have a picnic with them?

Castle district in 3D

3D Past Cinema
Image by: 3D Past Cinema

The castle District may be the first thing to do for most tourists, but there are so many more secret places to explore in Budapest. Below the Fisherman’s Bastion, in the former St. Mihály Chapel, you can watch a unique 3D video about the History of Hungary in the 3D Past Cinema. If you are adventurous, just climb the recently renovated medieval ‘Vízhordó’ stairs that goes under the castle. Take your time at the neo-renaissance garden at Várkert Bazaar and visit Beethoven’s and Thomas Mann’s accommodation at the Erdődy Palace and Hatvany Castle near  an amazing medieval Jewish Tabernacle.

The naughtiest fountain in Budapest

The naughtiest fountain in Budapest
Photo by: Tivadar Derivary Kocka/

Smart, beautiful, mysterious and known for easing the long spell of hot weather by its cooling mist. No, it’s not the ideal woman, but rather some gorgeous fountains. But the woman metaphor still applies: the naughtiest fountain in the city is probably at Kolosy Square, on the Buda side. After your jaw drops when you suddenly view the ‘breast-shaped’ monument, you can experience a jaw-dropping moment of another kind if you pop into Okuyama no Sushi. At the Szabadság Square Interactive Fountain you can feel like Moses; if you figure out the fountain’s secret, the flow will weaken and voilá, you can walk over it! For an even more majestic experience, visit the Margitsziget Musical fountain; just close your eyes and soak up the beautiful sounds.

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