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Boy Meets Girl Meets the Quantum Theory – ‘Constellations’ by the Asterion Project

Boy Meets Girl Meets the Quantum Theory – ‘Constellations’ by the Asterion Project

Asterion Project - Constellations performance

On 26. of January, an English-language performance of award-winning play Constellations is being staged at Fém in Budapest. It has been showcased on Broadway, nominated for a Tony, the piece by British playwright Nick Payne also played in London’s West End and won the prestigious Evening Standard Theatre Award.

The contemporary play exploring a love affair between a beekeeper and cosmologist is now being presented to the Budapest audience by the multicultural theatre company Asterion Project Theatre in English. Tickets are available here.

quantum theory plays a big part in the play that is also a boy-meets-girl romantic comedy which shades into something much sadder. Roland is an easygoing chap who makes his living as a bee-keeper. At a barbecue he meets Marianne, a warm, intelligent, and witty woman who works at Sussex University in the field of quantum cosmology. At one point in the play she describes how the theory of relativity, which “covers the sun, the moon and the stars”, is at odds with quantum mechanics, “which takes care of molecules, quarks and atoms”. A by-product of these apparently conflicting theories, she suggests, is that we could be part of a multiverse in which at any given moment several different outcomes can exist simultaneously.

Read our interview with actress Čarna Kršul. 

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