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International Charity Art Event in Budapest

International Charity Art Event in Budapest

International Charity Art Event in Budapest | Expat Press Hungary Magazine 1

A unique art form combining several artistic disciplines into exhibits and performances is on offer during November; don’t miss this special event.

It’s not often one gets to meet a true Renaissance Woman, but Marysia Ananiewska certainly fills the bill. Originally from Moscow, she is an accomplished pianist and music teacher, with Master’s degrees in Music Education and Linguistics, and she has written and performed her own lyrics and songs in Russia. She has also mastered and taught Asian tea ceremonies and culture and, if that isn’t enough, she is a ferocious chess player. She learned English in college by listening to recordings of Shakespeare’s plays! In 2012 she came to Budapest and quickly began to establish herself in the city’s artistic community. After three successful and unique exhibits, she is preparing a fourth, to be held at the Corinthia Hotel on November 5-6, 2016. 

Under the auspices of her foundation, she will offer the city her hART by No Ordinary Budapest event, combining the works of 15 artists from various fields and countries in exhibitions, performances and workshops; there will also be an auction.

The show is geared to helping children who cannot afford an art education or who cannot find teachers and facilities to help them attain their artistic goals.  She hopes to promote art and to help underprivileged children gain a better understanding of art and to further their exposure to all forms of art.

The events will include presentations before the performances (to help people get a handle on what they will see) and a Question and Answer session afterwards for the artists to continue discussing their art.

According to Marysia, there are all-too-few meaningful discussions about understanding and viewing art; too often, the words used are merely empty rhetoric, sound and fury, or, as she puts it, “nonversation.” Talking about art and its meanings is helpful to gaining a better understanding of art and its place in society

 Marysia passionately believes that art can change the world, and she continues to work toward this goal. Come to the hART by No Ordinary Budapest events on November 5-6 and see for yourself.

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