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Budapest’s Best Rooftop Bars

Budapest’s Best Rooftop Bars

Budapest’s Best Rooftop Bars | Expat Press Hungary Magazine

“WOW! Check out that view! Look! There’s the Basilica! There’s the Castle! There’s the Danube! Incredible!”

Yes, once Budapest locals and visitors find their way above street level, they can enjoy a great cocktail and watch the late afternoon sunshine wash the city in its vibrant colors. Forget the ruin pubs for a change; instead, head for one of the high-rise watering holes around town, while the weather is perfect for enjoying the views of one of the world’s most beautiful river cities. Want your views ritzy or relaxed, elegant or edgy, Buda or Pest? Here’s a short list of Budapest’s Best Rooftop Bars.

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #1: High Note SkyBar

High Note Skybar, located on top of the Aria Hotel Budapest

is one of the highlights of your visit to Budapest. This is a full-service, lushly-landscaped rooftop garden designed for your personal dining, cocktails, and sunbathing pleasure, all while reveling in the breathtaking views of Budapest and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Address: Hercegprímás utca 5.

Rooftop Bars and Terraces in Budapest, Aria hotel
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Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #2: Raqpart

Take the time to enjoy another of Budapest’s hottest summer resorts with its unique waterfront atmosphere, right in the middle of the city, next to the Chain bridge and overlooking the Danube. Take a break from your walking tours and relax in the shade of the Chain Bridge’s stone lions, in the company of a fruit smoothie or an ice-cold rosé spritzer. Enjoy the sunshine on the terrace, or cool off on the ground floor – the breathtaking view is free of charge. And after dark, experience some of the city’s best cocktails, accompanied by romantic music. Raqpart – this summer will be longer than you think!

Address: Jane Haining rkp., 1052 Budapest

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest: Raqpart

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #3: Corvintető

Situated on top of an old Communist building in the 8th District, Corvin Club & Roof Terrace—formerly known as Corvintető—is a cross between a rooftop hangout and a ruin bar. It was one of the first establishments to take advantage of an uninhabited building and its split-level rooftop terrace. The views of the city are somewhat restricted to the surrounding rooftops, but the lively atmosphere and moody night-time lighting make for a memorable evening away from the hustle of the streets below. An eclectic crowd gathers here nightly to dance to local DJs or enjoy the outdoor film screenings while nursing a pint of beer or a fruity cocktail.

Address: Blaha Lujza tér 1-2, Budapest 1085

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #4: 360 Bar

Maybe the best view in the entire city, the 360 Bar is a rooftop bar with a magical 360 degree view of Budapest. Plus, they offer incredible cocktails. Perched atop the elegant Parisian Department Store, 360 Bar is a cut above the rooftop bar in style and substance. There’s a wooden-decked terrace with plush lounges, smooth music and swish drinks, coupled with the wraparound views of the city that give this place its name. On weekends, the brunch is a good reason to sit back and enjoy this lofty hangout.

Address: Andrássy út 39.

Photo source: 360 bar Facebook
Photo source: 360 bar Facebook

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #5: Rudas Restaurant & Bar

The comprehensive renovation of the Rudas Bath has turned this Turkish-era thermal bath into a real hotspot. The addition of a ritzy restaurant and bar next door, with an extended terrace overlooking the Danube riverfront, has elevated this rooftop bar into a whole new zone. After soaking up the curative effects of the hot waters, head over to this classy deck for well-crafted drinks and a symphony of Hungarian-international tastes. And, of course, views of the Pest skyline are included.

Address: Döbrentei tér 9, Budapest 1013

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Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #6: Gozsdu Sky Terrace

A rooftop bar with fine views of Budapest’s skyline, its unbeatable location right in the center of the city’s buzzing Jewish District bar scene sets the tone for what to expect. The entrance to this sky-high hangout is hidden off a side alley of Gozsdu Udvar; once you find the your way up to this sleek spot, you are rewarded with sweeping views of inner-city Pest and a bit of the Buda hills. It’s an ideal vantage point for watching summer sunsets while lingering over a fröccs or a tall mojito. The drink list is quite extensive, with a special focus on domestic and international beer, a good selection of pub grub and some wood-fired pizza.

Address: Holló utca 6, Budapest 1075

Rooftop Bars and Terraces in Budapest, Gozsdu Sky Terrace
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Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #7: A38 Ship

Tired of drinking and dancing on dry land? Why not step onto the waters of the Danube on this magnificent ship-cum-nightclub. It’s also a rooftop bar with a superb panoramic view of Southern Pest and the Millennial Culture Center. Opened in April 2003, this former Ukrainian stone-carrier is one of the hottest clubs in Hungary. Once on board you can choose between three floors of revelry: the roof terrace, the restaurant, and the lounge and club. Drinks run from cold beers and fine wines to some excellent cocktails. And by the way: Lonely Planet and Singha voters chose the A38 as the best bar in the world! Welcome aboard the Groove Boat!

Budapest, Petőfi híd, 1117 Hungary

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #8: Fröccsterasz

Nothing goes to waste in Budapest. Formerly the city’s main bus terminal, now a flawlessly- stylish modern building, the ex-Design Terminal is a key part of Budapest’s creative viewing platforms. The rooftop terrace is a center of summertime activity, as tourists and locals congregate to sip specialty cocktails and show off new fashion trends.

Address: Erzsébet tér 13, Budapest 1051

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest: Fröccsterasz

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest #9: St. Andrea Wine & Skybar – NEW

“The St. Andrea Wine and Sky Bar on the 6th floor rooftop will feature not only the best wine of the Eger region, but also the most breathtaking views of the City from Spring 2017.” (source: You can enjoy your spectacular cocktails and super sophisticated food on the top of a UNESCO World Heritage listed building.

Address: 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc u. 5 (entrance from Vörösmarty square)

Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest: St. Andrea SkyBar

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