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Budapest Transitions – The Reality of Imagination

Budapest Transitions – The Reality of Imagination

Budapest Transitions

Like other big cities, Budapest, the Hungarian capital is also ever-changing. Some of these changes occur due to the passing of time, but it also changes in the eyes of the beholder. There is  something eternally beautiful in the fact that the same sight can mean a million different things to a million different people.

That might be the reason why it’s hard to get tired of seeing the Chain Bridge, the Parliament, or the Synagogue over and over again, every day. They’re the same and yet they’re not – the stories told by the people who capture them constantly renew the good old sights.

Still, capturing the true uniqueness of Budapest actually lies in capturing the lesser-known locations in the city and showing their beauty. That’s exactly what four young and talented Hungarians did in Budapest Transitions, a street art project that aims to grasp the versatile quality of the city.

 “The city ignites creativity and urges artists to reflect and leave a statement. Budapest Transitions introduces the visions of four local artists, enabling the viewer to sneak inside their exciting and distinctive minds and see how they see this beautifully remarkable city.” (source:

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Each of the four artists shows us their vision of two separate locations, taking the viewers on a journey that really is one of a kind. You can download the app and take them with you on your next sightseeing trip. It is worth following their path and diving into their creations.

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Feature image from Budapest Transitions.

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