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The Ten Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Budapest

The Ten Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Budapest

Budapest breakfast and brunch places

A traditional Hungarian breakfast was always a roll and a jolt of coffee/caffeine. But with the influx of more and more tourists and expats into Budapest, local restaurateurs began to realize there was something more to morning dining. As a result, there has been a boom in places serving classic western-style breakfasts and brunches. Check out this list of what appear to be the top 10 breakfast and brunch places in the city. 


To attract families with young children, Briós offers a playground along with its breakfasts. They vary their menus with the seasons and include such local favorites as salads, omelettes with fresh vegetables, bagels, and tasty cakes. Be sure and try the various fun drinks also, like chocolate chip cookie latte.


An American-style cafe near Batthyány Square, Coyote is a favorite for quick breakfasts or leisurely brunches. Its meals differ from traditional Hungarian-style breakfasts, featuring Coyote’s bagels, ciabattas, pretzels, cheesecakes and sandwiches. 

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If you’d rather cook for yourself, here’s where to find special ingredients in Budapest. 

Bistro Déryné

In addition to being one of Budapest’s iconic restaurants, Déryné is also a popular breakfast spot. A specialty of the house is the eggs benedict. Other brunch favorites include potatoes with crispy bacon and poached eggs. If you’re really hungry, go for the traditional English breakfast; and for the true Continental, Déryne even offers a menu in French.


Fruccola is one of Budapest’s most popular brunch spots, known for its healthy dishes. The menu includes a standard English breakfast: omelette, sausages, and beans. For something lighter, you can go with bagels, muesli, yogurt, baguettes, and sandwiches. This venue boasts an elegant interior, friendly service, and great location.

Gerloczy Café

Hidden away on a side street near Ferenciek Tere square, this cozy café serves mouth-watering croissants that compete with many Parisian bakeries. In addition, there’s fresh orange juice or the smoothie of the day, as well as tea and coffee. And the menu also includes traditional Hungarian breakfasts, such as a Hungarian omelette, goose terrine and sausages accompanied by muesli, and yogurt.

Hadik Café

Hadik Café  was founded over 100 years ago. It is a true Budapest institution and has been the favorite place of famous Hungarian writers like Zsigmond Móricz, Dezső Kosztolányi and Jenő Rejtő. The interior, restored to its former splendour, is full of period furniture like rich red curtains and chandeliers. Here you can find simple but filling breakfasts or brunch staples like eggs, ham, and coffee.

Kino Café

Kino is another place serving all-day breakfasts. Fresh salads, eggs, and sandwiches are made-to-order and are prepared on site. There’s also a variety of delicious cakes. And if you’re really hungry, go for the homemade sausages and scrambled eggs with onion. The café also offers newspapers and free Wi-Fi for customers.


One of the new all-day breakfast spots aorund town is Stika on Dob Street. It’s perfect for a quick coffee before work or a leisurely brunch later in the morning. There are a wide variety of breakfast dishes on the menu, including Hungarian specialties, French pastries and brunch classics. For something a touch different, check out the Frankfurter sausage breakfast menu.

Villa Bagatelle

If you’rre still into high-quality continental breakfasts, head on over to Villa Bagatelle, at the intersection of Királyhágó Square and Németvölgyi Road. There’s an attached bakery, which ensures the freshest baguettes and croissants. For people looking for a classier morning meal, there’s a champagne breakfast option: a brioche with smoked salmon, goat’s cheese, raspberries, and a glass of champagne. 


Perfect for the summer months, this little cafe is located by Károlyi Garden near Astoria. It has a wonderful old cottage feel, with floorboards, cozy cushions and white shelves. The counter is even made from an old bed. Zoska’s breakfast menu features classics like scrambled and fried eggs, sausages, American pancakes with maple syrup, muesli with yogurt and fruits. All the pastries and bread are prepared daily by the local Marmorstein bakery.

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