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Bocuse d’Or Fan Zone at the Belvárosi Piac

Bocuse d’Or Fan Zone at the Belvárosi Piac

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10-11 May sees the European final of one of the world’s most prestigious cooking competitions, the Bocuse d’Or. Hungarian and international gourmets as well as professionals are looking forward to the event, and it’s not just at the Hungexpo venue that they can cheer on the talented chefs from twenty countries, including Michelin star chef Tamás Széll from Onyx, representing Hungary.

A Bocuse d’Or Fan Zone is being created at the Belvárosi Piac in Hold utca, where everyone is welcome (free entry) from midday to midnight to enjoy the huge screen, a community market, a Hungarian gastro-photo exhibition, live music and Hungária fan champagne, a real party atmosphere.

Bocuse d’Or Fan Zone at the Belvárosi Piac Bocuse d’Or Fan Zone at the Belvárosi Piac

The popular restaurants of the gastro and delicacy market will be offering their customary and exciting dishes, including pelmeni, pastrami, “lángos”, oysters, steaks and sausages, as well as sizeable breaded and fried meat (and ears), grilled seafood, cakes and treats from guest producers. The live broadcasts of the competition last until 5pm on both days, after which the Belvárosi Cigányzenekar will play bar music then a DJ will continue into the late evening. The official after-party for the event will also be held at Hold utca on 11 May, where everyone relaxing at the Belvárosi Piac during the week should be able to raise their glasses and taste with the competitors themselves. Market foods will be available at the Gourmet Festival from Thursday as some of the tenants will be present as a group at the Millenáris.

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