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Café Delion Bistro – Pre-War Milieu in the Heart of Budapest

Café Delion Bistro – Pre-War Milieu in the Heart of Budapest

Café Delion Bistro Budapest

As you step into the bistro located in a building dating back to the times of the Pest-Buda fairs in the elegant city centre part of Ráday utca, you feel like an invited guest.

When entering this homely, upper-middle-class milieu, you are greeted with set tables laden with abundant seasonal delicacies. Yet the elegance does not become a rigid frame for your meal out, it merely provides a rich background for fine dining at any time of day.

Café Delion Bistro aims to attract city centre workers as well as visitors running errands in town with varied lunch menus that are renewed weekly, along with gourmet guests popping in for candle-lit dinners in the evening with lavishly set tables.

Chef: Imre Nyúzó

Imre Nyúzó, the self-trained hotshot of the culinary profession, is a guarantee for high-quality cuisine. From this year on, the chef in the kitchen of Café Delion Bistro is none other than the former front man of the band Garden of Eden. Imre handles ingredients and the emblematic dishes of Hungarian cuisine with immeasurable humility and outstanding creativity. He doesn’t rethink, he redesigns; he reformulates dishes but keeps their traditional values while adding his special twist that results in dishes meticulously composed onto your plates.

With Imre’s arrival the restaurant reached its destination. The harrowing efforts of Fruzsina Bíró, the sister of the former owner of the abandoned restaurant in Ráday utca that had its ups and downs, finally bore fruit: with Imre’s immense help the restaurant finally acquired its unique gastronomic image. In Fruzsina’s own words:

“Although even the most demanding guests have been satisfied so far with what the restaurant has to offer, by means of the cosy interior, the friendly pricing, and the open and youthful atmosphere we would like to urge our guests to come in not only on formal occasions, for celebrations or for business meals, but to see our bistro as a real option for having a high-quality and exciting meal on any weekday as well. We are in the midst of a step-by-step development of the interior, and want to create a cosy, friendly French-bistro atmosphere building on its existing features.”

Seasonal dishes on the autumn menu

The autumn menu of the Café Delion Bistro offers you the best of quality ingredients. One of the most stunning dishes on the new menu is the Karcag mutton stew, which is one of the dishes that needs no alterations at all, even according to Imre. The chef puts Hungarian flavours onto the guests’ plates, just served differently; the content is exactly what he has loved since his childhood.

The same cannot be said about the layered potato casserole prepared in a smoker and offered as a side dish for roast brisket, which undergoes a complete metamorphosis, even though all the regular ingredients are there, and sometimes not only once.

Imre’s unique approach, the way he revamps traditional Hungarian dishes from their ingredients, is perfectly clear in this creation. Another of his mouth-watering creations is saddle of venison, which Imre only supplements with additional flavours and aromas that further reinforce the autumn forest feel as the noble meat is perfected with earthly elements.

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